Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shark teeth return, and I actually went fishing one more time

I've been buried with work, but no one wants to read about that nonsense.  (Although any of you who follow the OBN realize that we've both had a pretty busy summer so far)  The lure of the shark teeth is still present in my household, and my wife and i go out whenever we get the chance.  most of the time its just for an hour or 2, but we still go out and comb the nearby beach.

We haven't found any monstrous, cool Megladon teeth, or really many big teeth at all, but we have found a few gems that are small.  In fishing terms, these would be the brookies and cuts from the headwater streams - small, but incredible in their own way. 

The last 2 times out, my wife has found an Angel Shark tooth.  These are very uncommon, and very small.  The larger one shown below is a real beauty, as far as fossilized Angel shark teeth go.  We have found  a total of three of these since February.

                                         Fossilized Angel Shark teeth

The next best thing - also found by my wife - is our best Cow shark tooth to date.  These odd, small teeth are also a relatively rare find.  (Noticing any patterns here - she finds all the good stuff)  We've found 4 pieces of Cow shark tooth since we started, and this si far and away the best one to date.

                                         Fossilized Cow Shark tooth

She also found a pretty nice Hemipristis, or Snaggletooth shark tooth a few weeks ago.  I did find one good thing a couple of weeks ago - our second fossilized porpoise tooth. 

                           More Miocene Era fossils - Porpoise tooth on L, Snaggletooth Shark on R

And, last weekend, I took something she found a few months ago down to Calvert Marine Museum to see if they know what it was.  One of the naturalists got all excited when he saw it and told me it was a fossilized Parrotfish tooth.  Hmmm  not what I would have thought, but he was really interested in where and when we found it . Said it was one of the few he had ever seen.

                                                                                            A parrotfish tooth fossil

You never know what you might find laying in the sand.  This beach bum thing is kind of cool.

I DID go trout fishing - with a fly rod, no less!!! - in PA, and had a great day in Kettle Ck and Cross Fork Ck, but that will have to waiti until my next post - I don't want to tell ALL my stories on one post!