Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Slice of Heaven

All you bloggers located in the Rockies know how fortunate you are to live there.  Those of us who only get out there occasionally are constantly stunned by its beauty.  Although I've been going out to RMNP for over 25 years it continues to captivate me.   I got a chance to do a little fishing with my brother a few weeks ago, and the following are some of the pictures.

And, in an interesting quirk of fate, the final evening we were out there, we stayed with teh aunt and uncle of my brother's wife.  Drove there  via GPS instructions, so I had some idea of where we were on the Front Range, but not really.  As we were getting ready to call it a night, with an early AM flight, I asked our hosts  "Are we anywhere near Superior?"  Ken looked at me with a surprised look and said "yeah - about 2 miles that way", pointing west.  Our hosts live on what used to be Coal Creek Golf Course in Louisville.

Sorry Howard - next time I'll know better!!!