Saturday, July 27, 2013

Moths, and more buterflies

This post has some very cool moth photos, as well as a few more butterflies.  The moths are, well - they're just cool.  but since I only really find them on the porch in the morning if a leave the porch light on, they aren't very artistic.  Just neat photos of cool moths. 

I think the butterfly photos have more "artistic" qualities, even though I wouldn't know an artistic quality if it bit me in the ass.  I'm having more fun with the butterflies using different lighting techniques and various focal points.  Some accidental, some on purpose.  Oh well.

I just received a new 50-300 mm zoom lens for my camera, so I expect to be posting this stuff for a long time to come.

And - I actually went fishing last week, and caught a few fish.  I WILL post that rare event!


                                  This is probably my favorite moth - reminds me of a bat

Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's BUG Week on Flowing Waters!

Wow - 2 posts in row!!  I'm feeling like this might be a regular thing!

This week's photos are some bugs from around the house.  I'm really sort of liking this photography thing and I think I'm going to get a 300mm zoom for the camera.  Then - watch out.  I might actually get to take some REAL pictures.

Please click on the photos below to see them full size.

As always, thanks for your comments.


Friday, July 12, 2013

A new beginning for Flowing Waters

I can't imagine anyone will actually read this, since I'm sure the folks who used to follow this mess have long since given up on it. 

The truth is, the blog started as an online fishing diary, and I rarely get to fish anymore.  Work has occupied my every waking moment and I have written nothing for over 3 months.  I haven't even been out shark tooth hunting. 

But - don't cry for me, Argentina!  I have been bird shooting in Italy, South Africa, and Argentina over the past 4 months, and will eventually post some of those adventures.

In the meantime, I have acquired, and am learning to use, a real camera.  I bought a Nikon 3100 and have had a ball learning to use it.  LEARNING is the operative word, because I have barely scratched the surface.  But, with a big butterfly bush in the yard, I have had a lot of opportunities to photograph butterflies and other buggy critters.  I will be posting them here on  a weekly basis.

Please be sure to click on the photos for larger views.

I welcome any and all feedback, especially hints on how to get better!!