Thursday, June 9, 2011

The last day fishing Illinois

The ponds we fished

I really didn't plan to get out again on Illinois waters after the final day on my ponds, but you never know how things will work out. A neighbor's mom and step-dad have become 2 of our closest friends since we located here in IL. He is a fanatical waterfowler - he is retired and hunts EVERY DAY of the waterfowl season. He is a member of a Hunt/ fish club nearby, and likes to get out every once in a while for some bass fishing on their club waters. I was given an invitation during my 2 weeks between jobs, and I managed to squeeze in one more morning on the water.

This is the second time I've been on this water with Reid. The ponds are bigger than the ones I fish - we fish these out of a 12' jon boat. The water is clear and has great weed growth. I always feel like we should catch more than we do, but it is a great place.

The morning we fished, it was sunny and clear, with a high of near 90. We got a few hits on Senko-styled worms, but I finally "unlocked" the secret for the day with a pearl Zoom fluke. Which is sort of interesting, because I almost NEVER use flukes! We ended up catching 16 largemouth. Most were small, but Reid got one nice one (see picture).

Spending a beautiful morning with a friend on a neat piece of water is about the best way to end your fishing career in Illinois. I think I 'll quit while I'm ahead!

Bluegill beds near the shoreline