Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Year, New Post, New Pics, New Teeth

I figured it was about time to either pull the plug on this or resurrect it for the umpteenth time.  Something just won't let me kill it, although I am certainly giving it a long, slow death by ignoring it.  But enough nonsense.

Just got back from SHOT Show.  Highlight from the show - meeting Lisa Baron (aka the Writing Huntress, blogging as Lisa Jane)  I've admired her writing style for along time and, let me tell you - she is the real deal!  I hope things work out and I get to get out to North Dakota and hunt with her and her husband Mike next year.  Great people.

I am still loving the picture / photo thing.  Trying to get good shots of birds - particularly sea ducks -  is tough but occasionally rewarding.  The backyard types are easier.

My wife and I went out to the beach yesterday afternoon - first time looking for sharks teeth in about 6 months.  Bad tidal conditions but a beautiful day.  63 degrees in the end of January.  (Can't believe its a winter storm today, but it is)  Despite tough conditions and a lot of other people looking, she found our FIRST Megalodon from the local beach. Its a posterior tooth, but it's complete and, I think, awesome!  Also found 3 porpoise teeth, including out biggest ever.  And a possible croc tooth.  Not a bad day.

I'll post more often this year - I promise

As always, click on the picture for larger views

                                                         Male Downy Woodpecker

                                                             Red Bellied Woodpecker

                                                            Swan in Flight

                                                 Megalodon Tooth

                                                             3 Porpoise teeth, and a probable croc tooth