Thursday, April 4, 2013

More teeth - but a GOOD ONE this time!

I haven't been out fishing since FLA, so there are no fish updates. And, I've really none very little fossil hunting.  But I did get out this past Monday, and it was worth the trip.  At least for me. 

I went to our local beach with my wife.  It was a beautiful day, and the tide was perfect.  I ventured down the beach like I always do, and started finding a good number of the usual stuff pretty quickly.  Mt first good find was one of the nicer Hemiprisitis (Snaggletooth) teeth I've found.  The ones I find are usually beat up and broken - this one was petty much intact.
                                                    Hemi on the left; Mako on the right

I found a lot of Tiger shark teeth - nice sized ones for this area.  Great day so far.  Picked up a cow shark tooth - the only one of the day - and a tooth I thought was a porpoise tooth.  As I got ready to go, I dug around the base of a tree root and, voila! - my best mako ever from MD!  A really nice "blonde" colored mako.  It was a great day!

And it would get better when I got home.

                                                      Cow Shark on top

                                                          A ring of Tiger Shark teeth


The porpoise tooth intrigued me.  I've found 4 others in the past year, and this just didn't look like the others I found.  So, I posted it on the ID section of the Fossil Forum.  What came back made the trip a REALLY good one - I had found a pretty rare fossilized tooth from a Dwarf Sperm Whale!!  It has now become my prize find from the Calvert Cliffs.

I guess its a little odd to get excited over a broken 10 million year old tooth, but I'm pretty happy with it!