Tuesday, December 2, 2008

100 species of fish caught - thanks Ben!

As you can see in my previous post, I tried to write down all the species of fish I've caught. I say "Tried", because I missed one. Ben from Madison asked I had ever caught a Lake Trout. Well, I've caught Lake Trout in Skaneateles Lake in NY, Lake Ontario, Athabasca Lake in Saskatchewan, and numerous lakes and rivers in south central Yukon. So - there it is - 100 species!!

Thanks for reminding me, Ben.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on 100 species list!!!

I posted a fishing post tonight you might like to see!

It's about this week's sea trout trip!


T. Brook Smith said...

You're going to hate me, Wolfy.

I'll give you the hybrids like tiger musky, but mirror carp and common carp are the same species and "brim" is bluegill (or generic sunfish).

You're not there yet (don't hurt me!).

Wolfy said...

Hmmm - now you're going to make me think. This might require photos.
A) The brim in question is one I catch in Alabama, and is certainly not the bluegill I'm familiar with. My guess is shellcrackers.
B) the Mirror Carp is a genetic mutation of the common carp. I won't count that one
That puts me back to 99, assuming the shellcracker is correct. (it is)

BUT - I've caught Tiger Trout. Do these hybrids count? Also, I've caught at least 2 different Oscars in the canals in Dade County. One vibrant red, the other longer ago and not as memorable.

I stand by my 100 - actually, 100+, now. [thats the beauty of having your own blog!!]

BTW - that Mirror Carp I caught years ago was probably the coolest thing I've ever caught, even if it wasn't it's own species.

thanks for keeping me honest!


Wolfy said...

UGGH again.

I know Brook is going to nail me on the previous comment - the one in response to his initial observation. My shellcracker is actually a Redear Sunfish, which was already noted. So - I had to do some digging in my older fishing diaries.

I did find a panfish replacement for the Brim - Coppernose Bluegill. I've caught these a number of times in Texas. I wasn't sure they were a recognized species, but researched and found they are a recognized subspecies of bluegill.

So, until dipsuted again, I'll stand by my claim.

Now my head hurts - I really didn't want to work this hard.


T. Brook Smith said...

Precision is font of excellence, Wolfy. Well done.

When I was growing up in northwestern Lousiana, most people lumped any kind of sunfish into the "bream" category. Anyone paying attention would know redears and if you ever filleted a green sunfish you might not do it twice. Warmouth were "goggle-eyes". But if it was between 5 and 10 inches long and a sunfish, it was big enough to each and it was "bream".

If you think hard, you've probably caught quite a few sunfish hybrids too. Green X Bluegill is very common in Illinois (and the standard fish issued for stocking farm ponds).

I think I'm going to post my life list too. It's not as long as yours but this looks pretty fun.