Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stymied by a Winnebago

Well, our attempt to fish smallies on the Mississippi didn't happen. No, it wasn't my whimpering about the cold that brought our attempt to a halt. My buddy Gregg is the boat owner and guide for this venture. He has been as busy as I have recently, and hasn't had much time to prepare for this trip. But it doesn't really need much prep time - pull the boat, buy some minnows, and catch smalies.

I was set to leave the hotel at 8 am and meet Gregg when the phone rang - never a good thing. It was Gregg, sounding apologetic. To make a long story short - he went down the storage facility where he keeps his jonboat, and it was blocked in by 2 Winnebago's! Couldn't get it out for at least a day or 2.

(Before anyone asks - he has a larger boat for fishing the lakes in MN, but on the shallow upper Missisippi, he uses a small jonboat. It doesn't come out of storage until the Fall season gets here, so this was the first time he went to get it from the storage facility this year)

I've lost days of fishing when MY vehicles have decided to quit working, but never because I was blocked by a Winnebago. Until now.



Shoreman said...

4x4, chain, exit Winnebago, stage left. Don't you hate when that happens....


Wandering Owl said...

Damn the luck. 'Bout ready to start getting ready for ice fishing?

Wolfy said...

Yes I am, Owl. I need a new auger, too, which might serve as a good reminder to get one BEFORE the lakes freeze


Anonymous said...

Your right, Wolfy. To bad those big guys were in the way, those Smallmouth were in trouble if you could have got the boat out!

Fish Whisperer said...

Too bad Wolfy. Sorry to hear that. I am with mark on this one.
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