Sunday, December 6, 2009

Time for the third, and final, GIVEAWAY - the Big Game Package!

Alright, time for the last installment of the 3 GIVEAWAYS OF CHRISTMAS. Readers of this blog know that Big Pike are near and dear to my heart - probably my favorite fish that swim. I love the aggressiveness of the strike, the fact that it is often a visual strike, and they can get BIG. The package that follows is an assortment of my favorite lures for these toothy critters.

Even if you are not a die-hard - feel free to throw your name in the hat. These baits will work for musky, striper, saltwater. Good luck to all.

A selection of jerkbaits

The jerkbait selection includes a number of the baits that were the hottest on our Athabasca trip this past summer. The 2 large Rapalas - Jointed X-Rap 13 and SW X-Rap - were our best producers. The Jointed X-Rap accounted for the 47"]er that was the best of the trip. There is also a Clackin Rap #8, an Excalibur Suspending Jerkbait, and new Glide Rap.

The Spinner - Spoon collection

The items shown above are another indispensable part of any pike arsenal. The bucktails are a Mepps Giant Killer and a BIG Dominatrix double bladed bucktail. There is a 1 oz. Eppinger 5 of Diamonds and a 1 oz. weedless Dardevle. And finally, a Magnum King Jr. spinnerbait.

A selection of Big Game swimbaits

I love to fish big swim baits for pike. The group above contains a package of 6" Salt Shakers and a package of 6-1/2" Strike King Shadalicious. There is also a 10" Storm Kickin Minnow and a Worden's T-60 Flatfish - the lure preferred by giant lake trout everywhere.

There you have it. The rules are the same - contest will end next weekend 12-12-09. Add your comment below.

A) Are you a pike angler? Other big game? Or just planning to be.
B) Best Pike / musky / ...

Thanks again for participating.



Shoreman said...

OK, this time I'll throw in my name.
A. Striper Wannabe.
B. Northern Pike. the one I chased around Little Splithand Lake in Minnesota for a half an hour, never saw, and it broke my 6 pound test.
Thanks for the give aways.


Basspastor said...

A- I do go for Pike from time to time but mostly for action, not for monsters.

B- Muskie 40" Pike 38"


Murphyfish said...

Hi Wolfy,

Third time lucky? And with freshwater croc lures up for grabs – oh boy.

A) Occasional Pike fisherman, usually in autumn up at Llyn Brenig or on smaller ‘farm ponds’ after jack pike.
B) Bp - don’t rightly know, probably an unexpected Pike caught on the river Weaver when bringing in a small Roach along time ago! Weighed in at about 6lb if I remember correctly.

Keep up the good work my man.



Anonymous said...

I'll try.

I do need to improve my tackle box if that is what you want to call it.

Caleb Pearce said...

A) Pike are one of my favorite fish to fish for
b) 36" 12 lb. pike

The Fisherbabe said...

DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!! You know how much I love my Northern Pike... :) Best Northern was caught in Manitoba - 43.5 inches and 19 pounds :D

I plan on beating that next year tho...the 52 incher is waiting on me ;)

Buster said...

I am not a piker angler, YET! But one day hope to be.

Fish Whisperer said...

Wolfy, as you know I fish saltwater. In fact I have never seen a Pike until I started blogging. My usual catch is Giant Trevally. But I will take whatever preditor bites. My largest to date is about 50kg. It was also one of my fist.
Tight lines

zachsgran said...

My son and I go muskie fishing at Lake Erie.

The biggest muskie I have caught was about 30" but its the most fish Ive ever caught in a day!!

tmc480 said...

I'm not much of a pike fisherman, but plan to try it this year
tmc480 at yahoo dot com