Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Figuring Out Winter

I think I've done it - figured out the "Winter Yucks". Well, not really, but I do have a thought as to why it seems like FOREVER from October to March.

My real job - actually working - is VERY hectic in December and January. I am on a 2 week straight road trip right now. That means, when I DO get home , the "Honey Do" list has grown again, leaving precious little, if any, time for outdoor pursuits. In addition to the complete lack of time, winter adventures for me take a little more planning and generally a bigger chunk of time than do the spring, summer , and fall pursuits. As I've detailed numerous times in this blog, lunchtimes getaways to the ponds can do me a world of good. Can't do any ice fishing over lunch, though. So, I end up using these months to plan Summer trips, and remember days past. And acquire new toys for the coming year.

I've got a few trips in the offing for Summer - one for smallmouth bass in Quebec and a possible return to Athabasca in Fall. There is rumor of a Venice LA trip in Spring, but nothing close to definite yet.

So, until I have something decent to post , I'll make do with these type posts, and I'll always through in a few pictures from the past. they help me get through the winter - hopefully they'll do the same for you.

Rocky Mountain National Park trout stream

One of my favorite Utah trout Streams

A small Willamette River Sturgeon - no fly gear on this boat!


Clif said...

I've considered buying a collapsible rod to take on business trips. Or even one of those 7 piece fly rods..what do you think?

Fish Whisperer said...

Lovely streams and a nice little Sturgeon. You just have to hate it when you can't fish.
Tight lines

Murphyfish said...

Hey Wolfy,
Hang in there my good man and keep those pictures coming - make you just wanna be 'out there' don't they?
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, Wolfy! Would you be fly fishing these streams or using spinning tackle? I can't wait till spring season comes.

Wolfy said...

Thanks all for the comments.

Clif - I have multiple 5 piece fly rods and 4 different 4 piece spining rods. The key to good multi piece rods is the ferules, and almost all of the rods today have good ferrules. That being said, I would strongly recommend 4 pc. St Croix's for travel - they are wonderful rods and good values, and even if you fly you don't NEED a rod that breaks down smallerr than a 4 piece. My $ .02

Mel - when I'm stream fishing for trout, it's with a fly rod. I have caught a ton of trout on UL spinning gear, but I just love the whole package of fly fishing for trout, especially in TINY headwater streams for brookies or cuts. I caught one of the biggest brookies I've caught on a stream in an unnamed headwater creek in a Colorado meadow where the grass from one side touched the grass on the other side - you could step across the stream easily

Wandering Owl said...

Great pics, Wolfy. Hope spring comes real soon for ya! I guess I'm kinda looking forward to more sun, too!