Thursday, May 20, 2010

What a difference a week makes

Well, my previous post detailed the effects of cold rain and falling temperatures. It is NOT a good recipe if fresh caught fish are on the menu!

The past week has remained cool, but is warming. And there has been no rain, until today. Even today's rain is a steady, warm rain and will probably be good for the fishing.

The bass are getting back to their previous positioning, but still are not quite as aggressive as they were prior to the shutdown. However, it seems like the bigger prespawn bluegills are moving shallower and are aggressive. They are still bunched up, so you have to move around to find them, but when you do, there are probably a bunch of them around that area.

Crappies are still shallow on the ponds - I thought they would be off the shallow structure by now. Everything is biting a little better each day.

Just goes to show that even after things shut down, they DO come back. Just give it a chance


Anonymous said...

Boy, am I ready for "it" to come back around! Happy hook ups when it does.

Shoreman said...

Me too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report Wolfy! Around here it sounds like the 'gills and crappies are in the shallows, but easily scattered - like they are building nests but have nothing to defend yet.

Brk Trt said...

Big bluegills on the fly.
Love them.
The grandkids have a fishing derby coming up and the bluegill will be tops on the list.

Brk Trt

Bill said...

Yes they do come back and I'm liking this rain lately. It helps out the trout in the local streams around here. Eventually though they'll get too hot and the only trout fishing will be up north in the mountains. Last year was a bit on an exception and I wouldn't mind a repeated weather pattern this summer.