Thursday, September 30, 2010

Three for three - batting 1.000!!

As I'm sure many of you already know, I met up with Kari Murray last week. I got late notice that I had to drive from Chicago to St. Paul to hand carry a sample for a meeting. I didn't feel like staying in the Twin Cities metro area on Thursday nite, so I got out my maps (Actually, I pulled up Map Quest). I realized that Kari lived about an hour outside the cities, so I emailed her.

Many of you know, or have surmised, that I travel extensively for work. That's how I get to fit a day in here, and a day in there, all across the country. It's part of the reason that the blog-sphere family has meant so much to me - I know I'll actually get to meet some of these people who share like interests. Granted, I'm usually tied up in the evenings with customers and/or reps, but every once in a while, a day or two free up, and I know I can find a fellow blogger somewhere to share a drink or a bite with. Or, ideally, wet a line.

Since I follow Kari's blog, I knew about her Bucket List. In the e-mail, I asked her if she was available to knock off 2 Bucket List items - the Leinie tour, and meet a blogger. She was available, and we met at the brewery.

It's funny how you have a pre-determined idea about someone before you meet face-to-face. Kari is exactly as I thought she would be, which means she represents herself on her blog very well. She's smart, witty, and brutally honest. I really enjoyed our time spent talking about life, hunting , fishing, families, blogging, ... I did get soaked walking between buildings on the Leinie tour. My fault - didn't bring an umbrella. Unlike Kari, I like at least one of the Leinie beers - the Creamy Dark. By pure coincidence, it is the beer that Casey at Fungal Threads (see My Blog List at the side of the post) did a review on!

Kari at the Leinie Brewery. One stricken from the Bucket List!

The Leinie brewery tour was pretty cool. I don't think I've ever been on a brewery tour before - I have been to the Jack Daniels distillery, but not to a brewery. Our tour guide was great, and it was Kari, me, and one other guy, so you didn't miss anything. And, even though they were "small sipping glasses", the 3 free samples were nice.

Like I mentioned above, dinner with Kari was really just a continuation of talking about everything! It was one of those times when you lose track of time and the conversation just keeps going on and on. I can promise you that, if I don't see Kari again for 4 years, we would pick up just where we left off, and wouldn't miss a beat.

Like the rest of the blog world, I'll continue to follow Kari's adventures (and occasional mis-adventures) on "I Don't Wear Pink Camo". She has - rightfully so - developed a huge following on her blog and will undoubtedly continue to do so. And, if you're one of the lucky few who get to meet her - you'll be better off for having done so.

Number 2 off the List!

So, what is the title of this blog referring to? I've always said that I wanted to meet some of the people I've come to "know" via their blogs. In 2010, I've met with 3 of them, and all the meetings have been better than could be expected. I've met with Kari, mike from Troutrageous, and met (and fished) with Rebecca - the Outdooress. So - I'm 3 for 3, batting 1.000! I look forward to continuing this trend - it makes the time on the road a lot more bearable when you're talking to new friends about fishing!


Bill said...

Once again, sounds like you guys had fun! Very cool!

troutrageous1 said...

Great post Wolfy, really enjoying reading about all of your rendezvous with the various bloggers. Plus you pick some good ones - a brewery tour...I mean how can it get better than that!?

BTW - Hand deliver a sample?...must have been one important meeting (or BIG sample)

heyBJK said...

Great stuff, Wolfy! Always nice to put an "in person" face with the blogs.

Trey said...

way to make the most out of an oportunity!

Murphyfish said...

Beer and meeting with Kari, bleedin' hell Wolfy my man you're making me a tad jealous. great post and featuring two bloggers who'd I love to meet in the flesh.... the pond seems a mite wide at the moment but one day maybe, one day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for meeting up and doing the check, check to my bucket list!

The whole outing was great and again I am in agreement with you, I'm pretty sure whenever it would be that we meet up again, that the conversation would take right off where we left it.

To those of you who get an opportunity to meet Mr Wolfy, just do it! He's such an easy going, relaxed, full of good juju kinda guy that you just couldn't go wrong!

Wolfy said...

Mike - it is a BIG, one-of-a -kind sample. This type of sample tends to get broken on planes / UPS, so we drive it if at all possible. It needs to survive until the Trade Shows in January.

The good news is - it survived last weeks trip!

Shoreman said...

Hey Joe. OK, this sounds like something WAY out there, but a blogdom get together, maybe in a couple of locations through out the country so long distance travel isn't necessary. Like the Rendezvous of old. We've become some what of a family and it'd be good to meet. Just a thought.


MNAngler said...


You came to the Twin Cities and you didn't drop in to see *me*??? I feel so jilted! You could have been 4 for 4!

I'm kidding, of course. But be sure to look me up the next time you're in town.

Wolfy said...

MNAngler - you have tore-read the post! Most of the time that I'm in a city where my customers are, I get tied up with dinners / drinks for the night. I get to the Twin Cities 4-5 times a year, but rarely have a night free. If I get one, you'll know it!

Lizzy said...

IT IS MY TURN DAMMIT ;) LOL...only half kidding ;) Kari is super awesome and I am glad you got to meet her!!!

I am still waiting on my email ;)


Wolfy said...

All good things come to those who wait, Lizzy!

MNAngler said...

You also said you didn't feel like staying over Thursday night. You preferred to stay over and visit Kari instead! I don't blame you. She's prettier than I am. :-)

I'm sure we'll get together at some point. I need some time to find a good fishing spot for us anyway. I haven't fished enough of the metro area lakes yet.

I'm glad you're 3 for 3. As of now, I'm batting 0 for 3!

blake said...

you sound very outgoing!