Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time for my Bucket List

Photo by Adrian Jones

(For this post, I'm following the suggestion of the OBN prompt regarding Bucket Lists. Since I've spent all my free time doing OBN stuff anyway - and, consequently, not fishing - I have nothing else to write about!!)

Kari Murray, the author of I Don't Wear Pink Camo in the Woods, wrote up her Bucket List last winter and published it on her blog. I've been meaning to do the same, but it just never rose high enough in the mental "to-do" list. I would imagine that's what happens to a lot of Bucket Lists. But, I like the idea of publicly putting out the list of goals, and knocking them off as they occur. As an added plus, by writing them down and making them public, there amay be people out there who can help you facilitate those goals. Of course, this Bucket List will involve only outdoor-related stuff.

Let me begin by pointing out that I HAVE NOT been short-changed in any way, shape, or form with regard to opportunites to pursue my outdoor passions. Traveling for business has afforded me many opportunities others only dream about, and I don't lose sight of the fortunate hand I've been dealt. I also don't apologize for it. It simply is what it is. But I still have a mental list of things I want to do before my time is up. So, without further ado - my Bucket List

1) Visit / fish Alaska

2) See the Northern Lights

3) Catch a Golden Trout on a fly in a stream in California.

4) Catch a pike over 50"

5) Fish the Amazon for peacock bass.

5a) Catch Golden Dorado on the same trip

6) Do a productive fishing trip with my Dad and son.
(We've had one unproductive one so far)

7) Catch a fish in all 50 states - see the list at the right of this post.

8) Catch a good (> 40") musky, on purpose

9) Trek in Nepal

10) Flyfish for brook trout in Labrador

11) Fish the Seychelles

Some of these are never going to happen (unless the Lottery gods smile upon me), some are quite do-able. Of course , I'll take all the help I can get to accomplish these goals. So, if you have a condo in the Seychelles that you're not using for a few weeks and you need someone to look after it - let me know!!


The Hunter's Wife said...

Wolfy, you are more than welcome to come to Indiana. Although not sure what you could fish for? ;)

Wishing all the best with your bucket list.

Shoreman said...

Joe, I don't think you're old enough for a "Bucket List" yet. I know I'm a lot older than you and it's not even on my list of things to do. Not a bad list, though.

Clif said...

You'll need an extra large suitcase for #5. I don't fit in carry-on bags.

troutrageous1 said...

Nice list Wolfy. Haven't really given thought to mine, but I'd have to say at least half of your list would fit into mine quite nicely.

Cofisher said...

I thought only people who were on their last legs did bucket lists in which case I'd better get busy on mine. I'm going to put some thought into this.

Wolfy said...

Mark - the problem isn't that I'm on Death's Doorstep(at least I don't think I am), its that some of the stuff on that list would be pretty physically taxing. And, lets not forget - I am a 50 year old residing in the body of a 75 year old!

Anonymous said...

Wolfy, I like your approach and you certainly put together a very challenging bucket list. Hope you are able to post on each of these as you knock them off your bucket list. I need to put together a bucket list. Actually, I better hurry up!

Stephanie & Dustin said...

What a great list, Wolfy! I hope you make it to catch a peacock bass, and share the story with all of us. While, I'd love to do it my irrational fear of snakes will always keep me far far away from the Amazon.

Alaska is high on my list as well. We've been watching a lot of Larry Csonka's North to Alaska. I think we are going to go somewhere in Alaska when I graduate.

Anonymous said...

What a great list! Hope you get one and maybe you can catch that over 40" musky with me. As for catchin' it on purpose, you are a better fisher person that I. I'd take one anyway I could get it at this point.... Cabela's fish tank here I come! (j/k ;-)

Best wishes to you in scratchin' off every one of them and thank's for the link too!

Casey said...

Great list Wolfy! Should probably update mine.

Bigerrfish said...

Bout all I can say is, when Colorado makes it back on the list,, look me up! no condos or cabins just fish and water!