Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My First Gear review - Glacier Glove Alaskan Pro gloves

A month or so ago, the OBN featured Glacier Gloves Alaskan Pro model gloves. They sent the gloves to me to distribute to our winners. They sent an extra pair, which I've had in my garage for a month. I planned to give these away to a deserving blogger to do a Gear Review on. But - the best laid plans sometimes go awry.

Enter the Great Chicago Blizzard of 2011

Our forecast for last night was ominous - 20" of snow, 40 mph winds, blizzard conditions. It was pretty bad when we went to sleep. And I knew the bad stuff would be waiting for me in the morning. It was.

The fence is 4' high

The snow was drifted over my fence in the back yard - it is a 4' fence. The driveway was buried. I got my snowmobile suit on, a wool hat, and went out to fire up the snow blower, when I saw them - the un-used gloves. Time to put them to the test.

The snow IN the driveway was 6" - 2-1/2' deep. The really bad stuff - the piles they plow into the end of the driveway - was a solid 3' of wet, heavy snow and ice. Due to a timely conversation with a newly divorced couple who used to live down the street from us, I was able to procure a big, powerful 2-stage snow blower at a really good price about a year ago. The good part - it works great in even the worst snows. The bad part (well - not really that bad)- it is the biggest snow blower in the neighborhood, and there is an unspoken understanding that you will help everyone else with their driveways. Which, of course, I did.

In total, I spent 3-1/2 hours outside blowing snow. No matter how hard you try, some of the snow plume ends up blowing back in your face/ on your hands/ covering you in a fine layer of ice and snow. You get wet. And cold. there is no getting around it. My wool hat kept my head warm. The snowmobile suit kept me warm and relatively dry. But the gloves - THE GLOVES - things of beauty!! My hands were completely dry and toasty warm. The outsides were covered in a layer of ice, but my hands were warm and dry. The whole day. I LOVE these gloves.

Now, I realize that this is not what the gloves were designed for. I wasn't hunting or fishing. But I promise you - I would not have been hunting or fishing in these conditions. This was worse than anything I would ever put these gloves through in the field.

I love em, and I'm keeping them!


Clif said...

Joe, there's no snow on your 'stache!

Wolfy said...

Good catch - I went in and had to fix the camera - it froze. When I was inside, the 'stache thawed. I went back out to the garage for the icy hat photo (which wasn't as icy as it was a few minutes before)

Trey said...

In my opinion, that may have been the best test for those gloves. If they worked in that environment, then "in the field" should be no problem! Thanks!

Justin said...

Not a bad test at all!! And I'm with ya, not matter what you do while snow blowing, you're going to have more than your fair share come back and smack you in the face.. Normally my whole beard is frozen solid..

MNAngler said...

I love that last picture. Would have been more classic with the frozen 'stache.

Somehow, I love snowblowing. I wish I had the biggest, baddest snowblower in the neighborhood. I'd be loving every minute of the 3 1/2 (or more) hours blowing everyone else's driveway. As long as I'm dressed warm enough, I'm having a blast.

Anonymous said...

Great review and way to put those gloves through their paces!

Shoreman said...

Wow, I've got to get me a pair of them. I always end up with wet, cold hands when I use the snow blower. Yes, I do use the blower because Bob only plows the drive, not the turn around or the driveway to the shop. A little hint on using the snow blower. Start in the middle of the driveway and blow the snow downwind in one direction and change to downwind on the way back. Keeps it out of your face.


Cofisher said...

A good pair of gloves is essential to enjoying snowblowing. Looks like they passed the test to me.

Anonymous said...

Joe, love that picture of you in the garage. Even though, I know you were going to send them too me to field test, looks like you need them more than I do. So you keep 'em ok!

Kirk said...

Classic photo of you and the hat. Loved it! I think i'm going to move on to your street now that I know you've got that big snow blower!


That was certainly a "true" test!! Good for you...glad that those gloves saved the day...there's nothing worse than frozen fingers or cameras!!!

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