Sunday, March 20, 2011

Winner of the Fly Fishing Giveaway Extravaganza!!

It's my favorite time - like Christmas, almost. I subscribe to the theory that it is better to give than to receive. And it is time to consult with the mighty RNG to determine the winner of the Fly fish stuff.

But first, I needed to do a little "housecleaning". Since the thread brought 23 comments, but only 15 of them were from people who actually entered the contest, I went through the comments of only those entering and numbered them. They are:

1 - Bill
2 - Owl
3 - Nontypical Pursuit
4 - River Damsel
5 - Brook Trout
6 - Shoreman
7 - Justin
8 - Chris S
9 - Leigh
10 - Bigerrfish
11 - Fontinalis Rising
12 - Ivan
13 - Coyote Luke
14 - Passin Thru
15 - Ben Fishing

So - a 1 in 15 chance to win a package with a retail value of around $100 - not bad odds.

There was only one thing left to do:

The soon-to-be World Famous cat pushed the key to generate the Random Number.

NUMBER 3 - Nontypical Pursuit.

Send me your address.

The cat has spoken.


Passinthru Outdoors said...

Congrats to nontypicla Pursuit. Look forward to the new posts.


Nice...the cat and the mouse!! Congrats NP...

Nontypical Pursuits said...
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Nontypical Pursuits said...


I couldnt be happier. Thanks to Flowing Waters for the great contest. I'm brand new to the flyfishing game and I'm slowly figuring it out, but I'm going all in so this package is a great help.

I emailed my address!

Ivan said...

alas, i cannot question the tiny paws of the cat and the mathematics of the RNG. Congrats to Nontypical Pursuits

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Nontypical Pursuits!


Three cheers for the cat-


Long live the cat.

Functioning said...

If I know Mr. Owl Jones that's one kitty kitty that will be haunting his dreams! (:

Oh and did the cat pick me as a winner on the last one? I always think those cats are out to get me and knowing a cat picked me well...

wandrthru said...

Darn....found the blog too late to win! Just in case you clean out some more great stuff...My biggest trout on a fly was about 20" on an egg-sucking leach on a road trip. Most of the time I'm fishing local OK waters for 12" stockers. (Best "fish" was 6 1/2 lb largemouth on bluegill popper of unknown type). I'm enjoying the blog.

Nontypical Pursuits said...

got the care package today. Unbelievable. Thanks again. Stay tuned for hero pics with a big brown.

take care,
Matt Sipe