Friday, April 15, 2011

A FUN day of fishing on the FLA coast

I had the opportunity on Wednesday to sneak in a day of fishing on a 4 day travel week. A longtime friend and business associate set me up with two of the guys who work at the Lake Mary FL Gander Mtn store for a day on the water. Chris and Jerry couldn't have been more perfect fishing companions. Before we went, i talked to Chris and told him I didn't care what we caught or how we caught them - I just wanted to get out.

Jerry at the Bait dock

Chris tries for some mullet- no dice on this throw

We met at 5:30 and proceeded to to New Smyrna Beach on the east coast of FL - just south of Daytona. We launched Chris' Cobia and motored out to the inlet. We were greeted by swarms of bluefish. LOTS of bluefish. So many bluefish I was catching them on both the front and back treble of the Bomber crankbait I was using. Jerry picked up 2 nice Spanish Mackeral in the same area. I believe that, if we had stayed there , we could have caught 500 blues. Great fun on light spinning tackle. So - why didn't we stay there?? Yours truly gets a little (occasionally a LOT) queasy on rough water. While this was a very calm day, the combination of the outgoing tide and the ocean currents made the boat bounce around quite a bit. I could feel myself getting queasy and Chris graciously decided to leave biting fish and move into calmer water inside the breakwall. And - we all know Rule #1 of Fishing is: NEVER leave biting fish.

Porpoises following the boat

We moved into an area where Chris knew there were some nice sheepshead and starting throwing fiddler crabs into the rocks. It took a little while to get the boat anchored correctly in the strong outgoing tide and adjust the weight so we were deep enough, but we figured it out, and Chris got a big sheepshead.

Chris with a nice sheepshead

Jerry with a Spanish Mackeral

So - why didn't we stay there and catch more?? We had to help rescue a sunken boat. Yep - a sunken boat. We all watched as a boat with a man, woman, and an older woman (one of the folks mother?) motored out to our area. We remarked that the old fiberglass boat looked like it had about 4" of freeboard on the back of the boat. Then - the man anchored off the back of the boat. That boat filled up and sank to the bottom within a minute. The 3 of them were floating - no life jackets in site - toward another boat who grabbed them and pulled them aboard. We set off to pick up whatever we could of their floating remains -a few tackle boxes, a cooler, 2 oars. We gave it to them on the other boat and the Sheriff boat showed up, so we moved on.

Floating debris frome the sunken boat

We moved into an area where Chris had done well in the past. by the time our shrimp had run out, we caught: bluefish,Spanish mackeral, sheepshead, grouper, mangrove snapper, sea trout, ladyfish, pinfish (Jerry was the pinfish king), pigfish, and jack crevalle. We saw rays, porpoises, and 2 manatees. It was an absolutely great way to spend a day on the water with new friends. I can't thank these guys enough for taking me out.



Mangrove Snapper

This is my favorite kind of fishing - go out and see what bites. Nothing fancy, no pre-conceived notions. Just going fishing. It was terrific.


Anonymous said...

Some guys have all the fun, Joe. Here is too lots of Happy Hook Ups!

troutrageous1 said...

That looks like a ton of fun. Glad everyone on the SS Titanic was okay as well. Karma points for you.

Shoreman said...

Sometimes I get these pangs when someone talks about the good fishing off the Florida Coast. I can remember when the Bluefish are on, it's a party. The sky is blue, it's warm, the water is clear, crap there goes that pang again. Glad you had a good time.


Mollie said...
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Mollie said...

You do realize, Joe, that every post without a the cast is now incomplete..and I'm not that big fan of cats in general!

Casey said...

Dang Joe! That looks like too much fun. Some good eating, too! And it's nice to see saltwater fish every now and then as a break from the midwest fishing.

Lucky man I must say!

Take care-


Anonymous said...

What some cool looking fish!

Cofisher said...

Nice report Joe. For those of us who don't get to the warmer climes...thanks.

Mark said...

Color me jealous!