Monday, August 8, 2011

Testing 1 - 2 - 3: Time to re-emerge from my hibernation

I have a few pictures to download, and I'll get back to posting on theis blog. I know there are MILLIONS of you out there holding your breath, just waiting to read the next installment of the never ending drivel that is Flowing Waters.

OK - probably not - but I'll be back soon anyway!



River Mud said...

Hey, I was in St. Marys County today, killing a little time between meetings, practicing my roll cast on redears. Ladybug and small olive hoppers.

Moved over to a spot in Charles County and got nothin'.

Cofisher said...

Hey Joe, welcome back! Boy it sounds like to stepped into wonderland...great photos. I don't see many butterflies anymore in Colorado. So much diversity flying around you. Post away!

Mollie said...

Harumph..I know I am waiting for some photos! :)