Monday, November 28, 2011

Trophy Deer and pictures from the camp

The picture of Randy's trophy deer from the previous post should have whetted your appetite for more. And there are, indeed, more trophy pictures to come. My plan was to put them together as a slide show, but my efforts to do so have been stymied by my lack of computer / blogger "know-how". So, since I suck at this computer stuff, I will place them - one by one - in this post. That is actually a good thing - many of the deer you'll see below deserve to be seen in a blown up view, and you can do that very simply by clicking on the photo.

Me and Louie. This gigantic dog was a GREAT camp dog!

Not really roughing it TOO much

These sheds and skulls are amazing. The lodge is full of them

I don't know if there is anywhere in the world that you can get pictures like these except at Ron Nemetchek's!

AND FINALLY - The individual deer taken the week of November 6 - 12 in Alberta

I'll post one final entry about the trip later this week. It will be titled "Things Worth their weight in GOLD" and will detail the stuff that actually works on a trip like this.


Cofisher said...

Did you all shoot the same deer or just pose by the same deer?

Wolfy said...

NO ONE would pose next to my deer unless they were under extreme duress!!! The black backdrop is a cloth the outfitter hangs up as a background for the photos. The deer are in "the Shop", pictures are taken, and the deer are caped.

After 30+ years of doing this, they (the Lodge) have devised a pretty simple but effective way for the hunters to get some very nice pictures without background clutter.

Cofisher said...

Joe you bit on that one. Thanks for clarifying that I'm not an idiot.