Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring is Coming, First Fish, and more Teeth

My quest to find all the fossilized shark teeth in the world continues, albeit unsuccessfully.

But - Spring is coming fast. The spring peepers call loudly each night, and the flowering trees are at their peak. When I took the picture of the just-budding magnolia, signs of spring were just emerging. Now, a week and a half later, that same magnolia is losing some of its magnificent flowers. I'll try to get some pics for another post.

I decided that, with the temps this nice, the bass must be moving in our little development pond. Went down there on Sunday and got my butt kicked. One strike (missed it) on a buzzbait. A ton of strikes on my little Cubby jig, but not one hookup, except for this little largemouth. Oh well - first fish of the year.

Our cat (yes, the cat returns) is adapting to the warmer weather by shedding mountains of her "winter coat" on a daily basis.

Finally, I made it over to an undeveloped State Park on the Potomac in Charles Co. It is supposed to have some sharks teeth there (it did). But, a better find occurred - I found out it is home to arguably some of the best shore fishing for largemouth in the Potomac. A bass boat was out a long cast from shore, so I engaged the fishermen in a little chat. Seems the big bay is matted with weeds all summer, but they are just emerging now. The guys were catching 1-2 pound LM pretty frequently on swim jigs and chatterbaits, and said the big fish were just moving in. I figure that, in 2 weeks, the weeds ought to be halfway to the surface, and I'm going to be there. Buzzbaits, Zara Spooks, swim jigs, and spinnerbaits ought to produce. I'm pretty psyched to give it a try - looks really nice.

Oh yeah - found a few teeth, too. Apparently these are from a different formation than the Calvert ones I usually find.


Kari Muray said...

First fish of the year and the cat all in one post!?!?! Gosh Wolfy, you're coming back with a vengeance! I love it!

Howard Levett said...

Joe who? Oh yeah, I remember you. Hey good job on the first fish and on the shark's teeth.

Wolfy said...

Now, now Howard - let's not get too cranky. I'm thinking that 2012 has at least 1 visit to your neck of the woods in it!

heyBJK said...

Congrats on your first fish of the year! First doesn't have to be biggest. Love those teeth...great finds!

Shoreman said...

Ooh, long hair cat. Lots of hair. Cat dubbing? Could catch on. Love the shark teeth. All the ones I ever had were white and the shark wasn't too happy giving them up.


River Mud said...

I know that park! Beautiful place. You have until about June 1 (well....May 1 if this weather continues) to get on it. The mats of vegetation will make it nearly impossible after that.

Nice teef!

Wolfy said...

RM - My plan is 2nd / 3rd week of April. Vegetation should be half way to top, fish firmly locked in the weeds.

We'll see how my plan works.

Come on down!


Gairdh said...

Hey Joe
First blog post up; short but not sweet :( find it here;-
John (murphyfish as was)

Gairdh said...

Hey Joe,
Seems I've been gone awhile, just started a new blog here
regards John (used to be murphyfish