Friday, September 14, 2012

Another Fossil post, and a contest!!!

Alright all you folks out there interested in my new pursuit of fossils.  [ That's basically Howard and maybe one other person]  Today is your special day.  I have a fossil-related contest, and the winner gets actual shark tooth fossils.  That's right - you can start your very own addiction right here!! 

We've been hitting the beach pretty hard recently, and it has been generally uneventful.  By that , I mean that, on a normal 2 hour beach search, my wife and  I will find about 120 - 150 shark teeth, but only 4-8 of them are what we put in the "good specimen" box.  The others go into a box that has, literally, thousands of teeth in it.  Small ones, broken ones, just normal, run-of-the-mill teeth.  And, every once in a great while, we (alright - she) finds something really cool.

Like the subject of today's contest.  The last picture is our first find of a certain unusual fossil.  Identify the fossil and I will send you a set of 5 each, 15 - 17 million year old shark teeth fossils.  One each:  Sand Tiger, Tiger, Hemipristis, Lemon, and Requiem shark, and a crushing plate from a Ray.

There haven't been any major storms to stir things up, and summer has the most people on the beach, so the "toothing" can be tough at times; still, here are a few of our recent finds:

                                     A really nice speciman of Cow Shark

                                   A good Mako for the area we hunt

                                            A couple of Hemipristis, or Snaggletooth shark teeth

                                              Some nice Tiger Shark teeth



Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

Hi Joe. Just a really off the wall guess, a squid tooth?


Wolfy said...

Interesting guess, Mark, but it's not a squid tooth

Fish Whisperer said...

Joe I'm going out on a limb here and guessing either the tympanic bulla or the periotic. (ear bone).


Howard Levett said...

Howdy Joe. Interesting for sure. My guess because it's the only part of biology that I passed was on ears. I was thinking part of a back bone but I think I was hungry for ribs when I thought that. (don't ask)

Wolfy said...

Alright - we have winners! Actually, everyone is a winner! "How so?" , you ask?.??

Well , Callan and Howard are both right, If both a little bit incomplete. And, my plan all along was to give a set of teeth to everyone who responded, so I'm even going to include Kari Murray, who emailed her reply ( an eardrum, with an assist to Gooogle Chrome)

The actual, complete answer is a fossilized porpoise earbone. We have this one - a very nice specimen - and one rather beat up one, after 9 months of looking. So - if I don't have your adresses - email me at biguglystuff at AT&T dot net and I'll send you your startup set of fossils!!!

Thanks for playing


cofisher said...

Oboy a fossil. My wife has a fossil as well. I wasn't when we met but I've turned into one. Not worth much money though unless you count my fly rods and reels.

Anglers Belong said...

Nice collection...keep it up!
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cofisher said...

Joe, I got my shark teeth today. Thank you! They are very cool. Next drink is on me.

Fat Boy said...

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