Friday, November 16, 2012

More teeth

By this time, anyone who actually used to read this blog for its fishing content has long since departed, so I feel less and less of a need to aplologize for the fossil content.  Still, a little voice nags me from the far reaches of my brain, reminding me that I have become useless as a fishing blogger.

Oh well - shit happens.

I made it down to the local beach last weekend to take a walk and see what  I could see.  I got there at 7:00 AM but was beaten there by one other car.  With a low tide, I would be able to walk past the cliffs and get down the beach as far as I wanted to go, but there is DEFINITELY an advantage to being there first.  Oh well. 

The day was beautiful - chilly at first, but warming quickly.  I love being outside early in the morning - it's always invigorating.  It must have been the opening of deer season for some of the zones because I could hear pretty constant shooting from the Eastern Shore -  about 8 miles away, across the Bay.  It never ceases to amaze me how far you can hear across water.

Overall, I had a pretty good morning looking for teeth.  I found:

The best cow shark tooth I've ever found

A big hemipristis (broken on one side - would have been an awesome tooth if whole.)

Some pretty nice tiger shark teeth

Bigger than average ray crushing plates

Overall - a great day to be out shark tooth hunting.  Thanks for coming along for the ride.


cofisher said...

Joe, if you're giving up fishing, please feel free to donate your rod collection to this poor old dude I know in Colorado. I'll pay the postage...I mean, he'll pay the postage.

Thanks again for the shark teeth. I'm going to have some earrings made for my wife. I hope they don't bite her.

Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

I think, and most of the guys will agree with me, that we read your blog because of you, not you fishing. So keep the posts coming.

Fat Boy said...

It's all good! As long as you're getting out and having fun, and telling us about it. Fishing, fossiling...all good stuff. Keep up the good finding! And certainly I can understand why you haven't been fishing or reporting on it, fossiling is so doggone addicting!

Casey said...

If you're finding things like this amid sand and rock, you should be able to find morels in some woods not far from you! You have the eye!

Great posts. Take care -

Wolfy said...

Casey - thanks for weighing in. But ...

I spent 2 springs in Illinois looking for morels, in areas that others find them regularly, and have yet to see my first one. I know they are there - I just can't see them.

Give me a 1/4" tooth washing around in the surf, and I'm all over it, but a mushroom, well, thats another story

Online RSA said...

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