Thursday, April 4, 2013

More teeth - but a GOOD ONE this time!

I haven't been out fishing since FLA, so there are no fish updates. And, I've really none very little fossil hunting.  But I did get out this past Monday, and it was worth the trip.  At least for me. 

I went to our local beach with my wife.  It was a beautiful day, and the tide was perfect.  I ventured down the beach like I always do, and started finding a good number of the usual stuff pretty quickly.  Mt first good find was one of the nicer Hemiprisitis (Snaggletooth) teeth I've found.  The ones I find are usually beat up and broken - this one was petty much intact.
                                                    Hemi on the left; Mako on the right

I found a lot of Tiger shark teeth - nice sized ones for this area.  Great day so far.  Picked up a cow shark tooth - the only one of the day - and a tooth I thought was a porpoise tooth.  As I got ready to go, I dug around the base of a tree root and, voila! - my best mako ever from MD!  A really nice "blonde" colored mako.  It was a great day!

And it would get better when I got home.

                                                      Cow Shark on top

                                                          A ring of Tiger Shark teeth


The porpoise tooth intrigued me.  I've found 4 others in the past year, and this just didn't look like the others I found.  So, I posted it on the ID section of the Fossil Forum.  What came back made the trip a REALLY good one - I had found a pretty rare fossilized tooth from a Dwarf Sperm Whale!!  It has now become my prize find from the Calvert Cliffs.

I guess its a little odd to get excited over a broken 10 million year old tooth, but I'm pretty happy with it!


Howard said...

Welcome back to civilization Joe. I'm excited and I'm clear across the country looking on. I'm planning on using the teeth that you sent me and making earrings for my wife. Thanks and Colorado awaits you.

Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

Hey Joe. Like Howard said, welcome back. By the way, you're welcome out here in California any time you can make it. I am your host awaiting your arrival.

New Pro Products said...

Cool.. Very interesting.

Shirley said...

@Howard: oh yeah, these are perfect for earrings.. and rings too I guess.. made of those tiger shark teeth.

Fat Boy said...

Somehow I missed this post, so pardon me being late...Excellent whale tooth!