Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Butterflies to get you through a week and a half

I'll be out of town - in Italy, actually, for a week and a half, so I'll post a few pics to pass the time before I go.  (For those few folks who have been long time sufferers at the hands of this blog - you're probably thinking "A week and a half???   Usually you only post twice a year!!")   I should come back with a lot of photos - keep your fingers crossed   In addition to spending the time in a beautiful old walled city - Urbino - I get a chance to fly fish for trout and grayling on Saturday, and hunt pheasant and red legged partridge on Sunday.  Plenty of photo ops.

The pictures below were taken on our vacation.  We visited the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond VA - I HIGHLY recommend it if you're in the area!.  They had a butterfly exhibit, and these shots came from there.  Nothing really artistic - just cool butterfly photos.

See you in a week and a half



Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

Amazing how many different colorations there are.

Howard said...

Stunning subjects Joe. Denver has the butterfly Pavilion close to my house next time you come out to Colorado.

Fat Boy said...

Joe, those are some beautiful pics. Very cool!