Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Year, New Post, New Pics, New Teeth

I figured it was about time to either pull the plug on this or resurrect it for the umpteenth time.  Something just won't let me kill it, although I am certainly giving it a long, slow death by ignoring it.  But enough nonsense.

Just got back from SHOT Show.  Highlight from the show - meeting Lisa Baron (aka the Writing Huntress, blogging as Lisa Jane)  I've admired her writing style for along time and, let me tell you - she is the real deal!  I hope things work out and I get to get out to North Dakota and hunt with her and her husband Mike next year.  Great people.

I am still loving the picture / photo thing.  Trying to get good shots of birds - particularly sea ducks -  is tough but occasionally rewarding.  The backyard types are easier.

My wife and I went out to the beach yesterday afternoon - first time looking for sharks teeth in about 6 months.  Bad tidal conditions but a beautiful day.  63 degrees in the end of January.  (Can't believe its a winter storm today, but it is)  Despite tough conditions and a lot of other people looking, she found our FIRST Megalodon from the local beach. Its a posterior tooth, but it's complete and, I think, awesome!  Also found 3 porpoise teeth, including out biggest ever.  And a possible croc tooth.  Not a bad day.

I'll post more often this year - I promise

As always, click on the picture for larger views

                                                         Male Downy Woodpecker

                                                             Red Bellied Woodpecker

                                                            Swan in Flight

                                                 Megalodon Tooth

                                                             3 Porpoise teeth, and a probable croc tooth


John Wooldridge said...

Hello Wolfy,
Nice to see you posting, jealous you got to meet Lisa as well. Hope your well.

Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

Hey Joe. Nice thing about the old blogroll, when you do post, it pops right up to the top. Keep the photo's coming.

Bill said...

Looks like you're doing ok with that new camera!

Howard said...

I think it's safe to say that most of us are more than one trick ponies and like the photography as well as the lack of fish.

Stephanie and Dustin said...

I keep thinking I'm going to kill off my blog, and then I write a post. Something keeps me from pulling the plug as well.
Great shots of the woodpeckers. Looks like you are handling the new camera learning curve rather well.

Fat Boy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fat Boy said...

Joe, I don't feel the need to pull the plug on my blog, but at the same time life has it's way of keeping me too busy to post, whether it's work, fossil collecting, fishing, or whatever...I need to be inspired. For me, I'd rather write based on my own self inspiration and not because of self imposed deadlines or guilt. I have plenty to write about and plenty to say, but it isn't fun when it starts to feel more like work than fun. This way, I keep it fun. Another thing, I don't care about stats. If people like what I write about, fine, if's me that has to be satisfied by what I put out there. If I'm not, then it's time to stop. Thanks for the post, enjoyable as always. Congrats on your finds, and to your wife's meg. Nice pics birds, especially woodpeckers! Sorry for the comment deletion, it had spelling error combined with my neurotic need to have everything correct...

Casey said...

Wonderful job on the photos, Joe. And where else am I going to be kept up to date on what is being found among the rock and sand of the east coast? Even if you post once every month or two, for me, it is always worth a stop by to see what's happening. Take care and thanks -

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