Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fly Fishing GIVEAWAY! Everyone invited

Fly Fishing Package - GIVEAWAY #1

I'm really not in the Christmas mood yet, but I think this may jumpstart "the Season of Giving". I said I would have 3 Giveaways between now and Christmas, and this is the first.

The first of the three parts of this giveaway is a FLY FISHING ASSORTMENT and consists of the following:
- 1 - Scientific Angler WF-5-F Lefty Kreh signature series flyline
- 1 - S.A. 9', 5x leader
- 1 - 25 meter spool S.A. 5x tippet material
- 2 - Seaguar 10 yd. trial packs Flourocarbon leader material - 1 each 8# and
- 1 Plano Fly Box
- 38 flies from Montana Fly Company. The flies are listed in order of the way they appear in the fly box when you open the box, from top to bottom. In the picture, the order is actually from R - L. TOP ROW - Caddis - 2 each: Elk Hair Olive #14, Elk Hair Tan #18, Goddard #16, Olive Sparkle Pupa #14, Tan Sparkle Pupa #14. 1 each Taylor Gut Instinct, Kyle's Killer Caddis.
ROW 2 - Dry Attractors - 2 each: Royal Trude #14, Yellow Humpy #16, H&L Variant #14, Royal Wulff #18. ROW 3 Nymphs. 2 each: Bead Head Flashback Rubberlegged Copper Bob #12, Bead Head Pupa Prince #14, Bead Head Rubberlegged Prince #16, Bead Head Fast Water Prince #14, Spring Creek Olive Superflash Pheasant tail #16, Bead Head Epoxy Back Copper Nymph #20. ROW 4 - Hopper / Dropper 1 each : Bloom Parahopper, Oswald Head Turning Hopper. 2 each: Bead Head Rub-a-dub Olive Caddis Pupa #16, Bead Head Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear #16.

Montana Fly Co. Flies

It's my belief that Montana Fly Co. flies are the finest commercially produced flies available today. Their patterns are awesome, they constantly add new patterns, and my experiences show that the fish like them as much as I do.

Everything in this GIVEAWAY is new and un-used. You DO NOT need to be an experienced fly fisherman to win - this could be the package that jumpstarts your fly fishing career!

5 weight floating Flyline

Since I've never done anything like this before, I want to keep it simple. The winner wil be chosen by a random number generator next Saturday, November 28 at noon Central time. The comment that corresponds to the number generated will win the package. And, yes, I will ship Internationally.

Please limit your comments (for the purpose of winning / entering the contest) to 1 per person. I would like the comment to state:

A) are you currently a fly fisherman (or woman)
B) Do you primarily fish Warmwater (bass, panfish) or Coldwater (trout) or Saltwater
C) Any other comments or stories involving fly fishing, even if you just say you want to try it!

HAVE FUN - Let the Season of Giving begin!



Fish Whisperer said...

Wolfy, I'm gonna bite.
A) No I am not currently nor have I ever been, a fly fishing guy, or gal.

B) I fish very warm water, about 78-80 degreesF (GT's, Red Bass, Yellowfin, and Wahoo).

C) I have tried fly fishing and even took a lesson. I loved it. I took to it like fish to water. At the time I could not rationalize spending that kind of money for another habit/hobby.
I do plan on taking it up at some point in the not to distant future.
Would love to saltwater fly fish. Also New Zealand is right next door and has amazing trout fly fishing.
I like the give away idea. I think I might try one later.
Tight lines and warm water

spotted face said...

Hey Wolfy - You know I gotta give this a try!

a) I am not currently a fly-fisherman.
b)I fish for both cold and warm water species - trout, smallmouth and bluegill being my current favorites.
c)I think I tried flyfishing with my dad's gear when I was very young. I DO remember a distant cousin who used to flyfish for everything. I remember some nice pike he had caught!

HO HO HO and thanks for the opportunity!

Ashley Rae said...

Wow I just have to say - what an awesome giveaway!! Thanks for this chance!!

Now to answer your questions:

A) I am not currently a fly fisher gal, but it is on my list of fishing experiences!!
B) I mostly fish for bass here in Ontario along with pike, and walleye. I have been fortunate enough to also do salt water and catch a kingfish, trigger fish and some tuna down in Tobago!
C) I can't wait to try fly fishing!!!

Anonymous said...

Wolfy, let me begin by saying, what a great giveaway idea this is. I will take a little different angle here than those posted already. I fly fished for over (30) years in Idaho and surrounding states for trout, bluegill, and bass. I don't fly fish anymore. Believe it or not, I kind of burned myself out. I am still chasing the same fish, just trying to become as successful with other fishing techniques. Good luck, everyone!

Abby said...

Hi Wolfy...what a great & generous giveaway! Thanks for the chance :)

A.) I am a fly fisher woman and new to the fly fishing world. I have my rod and reel and a couple of dinky ol' flies from Cabellas.

B.) I love to cold water fish. Mainly for the rainbow trouts, steel heads, brook trout, brown trout...

C.) My husband is a spin reel fisherman and introduced me to fly fishing when we first moved to Idaho. I immediately took a liking to it and we've been fishing ever since.

Happy Holidays,

murphyfish said...

Hi Wolfy, you just knew that i was going to have a nibble at this
A) Never being fly fishing but it's on my to do list (after projects x,y, and z!)
B) Over here I fish fresh water more for relaxation (though i do chase the odd wild trout with lob worm for the grill) and salt water for the table
C) i'd love to try fly fishing, one thing i have in mind is trying the fly for our biggest fresh water predator - the pike
Cheers for runnning the comp, great idea.
Tight Lines my man

Mark Kautz said...

Hey Joe. What a great giveaway. I've got a lot of fly fishing equipment eventhough I just started, so I'm going to defer to the others and let the odds get better for them, not that I wouldn't like to have more equipment. I will be looking up Montana Fly Company and probably making a donation there. look forward to seeing who the winner is.



wow!nice blog...i'm mizlan from Malaysia. i'm snakehead hunter..hope be your friend

Michael Agneta said...

Will give it a shot, thanks for the great offer.

A) I consider myself an equal-opportunity angler, but fly fishing is in my arsenal.

B) Coldwater (trout)

C) I've only been fly-fishing for a year and a half. Man, what a challenge. Who knew bugs that small actually caught fish?

Started reading previous posts in your blog and really enjoy it. Became a "follower" and will be adding it to my blogroll.

Rebecca said...

(whistling wow)
As a fly fisher-er-gal-lady- I must say, thats quite an impressive package of things to giveaway. A la bigtime!

Count me in~
Yes, yes, fly fishing is a way of life for me and I'm a lady~

I'm all about the Trout, big, little, rainbow, brown and if there was purple ones I'd be after them as well.

I usually put my trust in Caddis Flies and the always dependable Prince~ For this, I'll put my trust in Random Generators :)

Very cool~

eds23 said...

Hey wolfy, nice giveaway!

A) yes I'm 100% fly fisherman

B) mostly brown/rainbow trout, sea trout, grayling, salmon

C) I'm so keen. I launched my own site this year. Check it out at!

Tight lines all


Tight lines all

Clif said...

Thanks for the chance to enter. You make it so easy.

A) As of this year, I fly fish more than with regular gear. It's about a 70/30 split these days.

2) 100% warm water. I love catching bass

C) I took up fly fishing because I started to get bored with normal fishing. It turns out I'm not very good, but i think that will come.

IV) Feel free to randomly choose me.

Austin said...

OK, here goes:

A) I am a fly fishing guy.

B) I have a passion for trout, but grew up in the backwaters of Iowa fishing for panfish with my brother and dad.

C) I was first introduced to fly fishing when I was about 12. We (me, my dad, and my brother) had been fishing all weekend for panfish and we haven't had any success. Some guy comes walking by decked out with a super long rod and a vest full of clanky things and says, "You boys want to have some fish?" Next thing we know, we have a pail full of bluegills in about 15 minutes.

Rod Earl said...

great give away there Wolfy, just a advid flyfisher, love my trout but antthing at the end of a line is always great. try tying my own flies but never really get down to some real tying, you running around after the little one or always fixing something around the house. maybe this winter I'll get down to some serious tying, anyways nice meeting you and the flies would look great in my bag for Christmas. thanks Rod Earl.

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IB said...
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troutman brook said...

A) Yes, a fly addict!
B) Coldwater Trout!
C) I hope I win!!!

mike said...

Fly fisherman living and fishing on my PA freestone for trout! I will be fishing the FL flats for my first salt experience in Feb. Thanks for the opportunity! Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

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