Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shamed into writing a post

Every year in February and March, my blogging slows to a crawl. Unless I get a chance to ice fish - like this year - I just don't have anything interesting to write about. Even so, I know that the demise of many blogs is a lack of posting frequency. (As a matter of fact, I just noticed this evening that I LOST a Follower! The nerve!!) So, in the back of my mind, I've been planning a post.

And then, it happened. From the most unlikely of sources. A virtual beat-down from a well respected and admired blogger. She ripped at the very soul of this pathetic little blog, stating unequivocally that I was not worthy of following, or even reading, due to my lack of writing. I was devastated. When you get called out by a legend, and you have no comeback, there is nothing to do but curl up quietly in a ball, close your eyes, and hope that, when you wake up, it will all be just a dream. No such luck. Kari Murray - the famed Huntress Extraordinaire author of I Don't Wear Pink Camo in the Woods - had cut my blogging ego to the core with her vicious attack.

[OK,OK - the actual comment was: "Oh and Mr. Wolfy. I notice you don't post on your blog... get with it you!!!!" But I know that she's just too nice to say what she really means. Oh, wait a minute - she ALWAYS says what she really means. Oh well)

Looking back over the past few years, I usually get out for panfish in March, so I will have something to write about. Actually, I have PLENTY to write about. I'm taking my Dad and Son to Alabama in 3 weeks fishing for bass. This is the same place my son gt an 8#, 4 oz. bass 2 years ago, and last year I got a couple over 10. The ponds keep getting better, and I can't wait to see what happens this year. My Dad has only ever caught 1 bass over 3 pounds - he got a 6# in Okeechobee about 6 years ago. Nice fish, but pretty uneventful. He was fishing a spinnerbait when the fish hit, and it dove into the weeds. He pulled in about 40 pounds of weeds, we peeled them away, and - voila - a nice bass. So - I will be doing some trip planning posts and an extensive recap in the next month.

In the meantime - THANK YOU, Kari Murray, for shaming me into posting on my blog!

Since I don't have any fish pictures to show, I'll do the next best thing. Here is our cat:


Dan and Meena said...

Once, for lack of anything else to write, we ran a picture of a goat on a roof and it turned into one of most popular posts. Go figure!

cofisher said...

We wouldn't mind so much, but your wit is also missing from OBN and the forum. Don't worry about though, Owl and I are posting enough drivel to keep 10 or so blogs going for a year.

Brk Trt said...

I miss those great floral photos you have posted. I know it's winter but you must have a few left from last year.

murphyfish said...

Well all I can say is thank heaven for Kari, the mistress of the unpolished comment. If any one can get you to write then it be her. Oh welcome back then and nice catfish!

Wolfy said...

Brk Trt - I didn't know anybody liked those photos! I've got tons - I'll have an anticipatory "Spring is Coming" post up by weeks end.



Brk Trt said...

I'm looking forward to it.


Glad to see a post there, Wolfy! Don't wait so long until the next one, now...:)

Mark Kautz said...

All this time I thought you were working "behind the scenes" over at OBN. The truth comes out. Cute cat.


Anonymous said...

Moo-ha! Once again I rein victorious over motivating the sluggish blogger!

I'm just glad to see you to write something because I enjoy your blog allot. It gets hard to post when nothings going on, or in my case when nothing funny is going on, but just keeping at it keeps the spirits high on both the writing and the reading ends of bloggin'.

So I'm glad your writing friend and
I'm looking forward to what's to come. No matter what it is!

Oh and BTW, I'm with John- Nice Catfish! lol!

Anonymous said...

OK, I am in on this one Wolfy. You know I have taken a little heat ever so often over on my blog for not posting as often as I should. So don't feel bad, you are not the only one who gets the "bloggin' blahs". With that said, I am looking forward to seeing spring in your area and some Bluegill and Bass posts. I have learned some stuff from your previous panfish posts.

WDSTK3 said...

Yup, Blogger's block. My daughter...the one that got me started in this...rags on me about posting. But I am not a prolific writer. I gotta have the spirit move me and the spirit has a mind of it's own.

Bill said...

Well as you know I can relate Wolfy. The last two lines of your post are classic and may in fact go down in blogger infamy!

Michael Agneta said...

You still have a blog? Who knew? Welcome back Joe...I mean Wolfy.

Owl Jones said...

Hey now CoFisher! I resemble that remark.
Joe, are you fishin' that lunker resort thing? ( maybe there's more than one?) My good fishin' buddy and I always wanted to fish this one he found on the internet. Supposed to be loaded with 10-15 pounders. Sadly, he moved away and we never got to do it.

You know Rufus T. lives in Alabama - right? Over at a place called "Gum Swamp." Of course it's official name is something different now...well, anyway have fun and catch a big one! Don't forget the camera!
*and a hat-tip to Kari for prodding you along! I enjoyed the cat picture. Can you rile him up a bit next time though? Thanks.


Unknown said...

Blogging is hard during the dregs of winter. At least your fingers will be well rested for all that spring posting!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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