Friday, September 26, 2008

About me, and why I want to do this

On some levels, I can't believe I'm writing a blog. I don't really follow many blogs, and most of the ones I have looked at weren't worth looking at a second time. Maybe that's exactly why I want to do this!

I've been fishing, with varying degrees of intensity, since I was a young boy. My first recollection of fishing is, hard to believe, with a cane pole on my Grandpa's pond. Since then, fishing has played many roles in my life, from fishing for food as a hungry college student, to fishing local club tournaments, to guiding, to being the focal point of my career as a sales rep and sales manager. It's almost a prerequisite that there be some kind of water involved in the family vacations. My first date with my wife of 18 years was a canoe / fishing trip on the Susquehanna River.

Rivers and streams - all water, actually - captivate me even if I don't have a fishing rod in my hands. I've spent afternoons on trout streams watching cased caddis crawl across the stream floor, and watched as trout intercepted March Brown nymphs on their way to the surface. I always look into a stream, river , or pond as I drive across a bridge. My wife asks "What do you expect to see?", and I'm not really sure, but I know if I don't look, I'll miss something good.

I don't really know what to expect from writing the blog, but I find the uncertainty of it sort of exciting. I've written fishing articles for a few websites, and will put them here as well, hopefully for your reading enjoyment. I plan to put up a lot of pictures. Many will be fish, some will be trophy fish. Some will be small. ALL will be another piece of the puzzle that is my fishing life.

I've been fortunate enough to fish in many waters around the world, and have caught a myriad of species. Maybe I'll try to figure out all the ones I've caught - a life-list, so to speak. One of my personal, odd goals involves catching a fish (of any kind, in any legal manner ) in all 50 states. I've got 39 down. Maybe you'll enjoy the ride with me trying to fill in the last 11. At one point in my life, I wanted to catch as many sub-species of trout as I could. That task became almost overwhelming - how do you decide which sub-species count? I still love to pursue various trout, though, and have caught: greenback cutthroat, Bonneville cuts, Rio Grande cuts, coastal cuts, and Yellowstone cuts. I plan to try for redbands in the Steen Escarpment in Oregon when time permits, and goldens in the Sierras are always on my lists.

While fishing , and fish, are certainly the focal point of this blog, I plan to interject some photography, philosophy, maybe some hunting into the mix as well. My master plan is to update the blog at least weekly, but hopefully much more frequently, as thoughts, ideas, reports, ... present themselves.

I'll end this intro entry with a few fish pics, and the following: I don't know where this blog will lead, but I'm excited about the journey. Come along and see where we end up!

Alabama brim

My first billfish - Pacific sailfish

Striper and largemouth from the Sacramento River Delta

Rocky Mountain National Park brown trout

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