Sunday, September 28, 2008

Naming names, protecting small streams

You may have noticed that teh high mountain stream mentioned yesterday, and shown in the photo, went unnamed. that was not an oversight. When I write about fishing a famous river, or a popular, well-known spot (like the Colorado River or Big Thompson River, also from yesterday) I will freely talk about them in as much detail as the situation warrants. But small trout streams, especially those located in a heavily traveled National Park, are different. They can't tolerate the heavy use that can occur with publicity. (I realize it is presumptuous of me to assume anyone will ever read these words, but what the hell - I can dream!) For me, and many other small trout stream enthusiasts, a big part of the joy of small streams lies in discovery of them. Get yourself a map, look for blue lines noting creeks, and take off. Sometimes you find great spots to be treasured, sometimes not - if the worst thing that happens is that you spent a day walking in the moutains, seeing beautiful scenery, you still had a great day. Take pictures.

A brook trout from the unnamed stream. Pretty clear water!!

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