Friday, March 5, 2010

Blog List Update

I have never posted about the blogs I follow, or why I find them so intriguing. I recently decided my Blog List needed to be cleaned up, and also decided this post was appropriate.

First and foremost, I don't list everyone's blog on my list. I list blogs that I like reading and, for the most part, are written by bloggers I interact with, and who reciprocate. That doesn't mean a person needs to comment on every post I make - not by a long shot. I generally don't do that, and don't expect it in return. But it IS nice to know that the people you are following and, in some small way, promoting, know that you exist.

There are blogs I read regularly that are NOT listed on my blog list. Many are very good blogs but are not primarily Outdoor related. I'll probably segregate the blog categories in the future and add those to the appropriate area but, for now, it's about the Outdoors.

Probably my key to having a blog listed (other than being one I like to read) is having a somewhat steady flow of posts. Since I opt to use the setting showing the title of the post and the time it was posted, those who have months between posts generally get dropped (Of course, if you happen to be in Afghanistan under rocket attacks, you have a good excuse! Right Albert?) This is why it is so frustrating for me when I get the periodic "Writer's Block" - I don't like when others slow down on their posting, so I certainly need to hold myself to the same standards.

My original blog list was all fishing blogs, because that's where my primary interest lies. I've expanded into some more hunting blogs and general outdoor blogs - my blog universe has expanded, and the blog list reflects that.

All that being said, I'd like to point out a few of the new additions to my Blog List, and throw out a few general comments as well. Click on the blog title on the Blog List to be directed to the blog.

BASS PUNDIT - there is never a lapse in posts on this site! But what makes this an invaluable resource is the MASSIVE list of bass, tournament, and general fishing site links pasted alongside his columns. I don't think I could follow them all if I spent the rest of my life trying.

DARK ART CASTER - Mizlan takes us along on his forays in Malaysia to catch snakeheads. I LOVE this blog on many levels: he fishes and posts frequently, his quarry is a fish that is known to us in the US as a potentially devastating exotic that has been illegally introduced to some waters here (but is native in his land), and the places he fishes for, and catches, these snakeheads are, to me, mind boggling! They are drain ditches, bogs, swamps - nothing anyone would ever fish here. And he always posts pictures, too.

MUSINGS OF MURPHYFISH - John entertains us from Wales with his lovely writing style. I am a voracious reader, and this is one of my favorite blogs to read. I just love his style of prose. Follow John and the Bog Monster along on their forays - I'm pretty sure you'll become a regular reader, too.

OUTDOORS WITH BUTCH - a newly found gem for me. Butch posts frequently and is a keen observer of the more subtle things in life. He takes and posts nice pictures to accompany his writings. I really like this blog.

TAMI CURTIS - What's Up Bass Fishing blog. I have followed this blog for a while but only recently added it to my Blog Roll. I've shied away from most of the Bass tournament blogs because I feel they are repetitious and self serving. But Tami's is informative, and her video work is outstanding. She fishes full time on the bass circuits, and I think people will be hearing a lot more about, and from, her in the months and years to come.

XSTREEM FISHING FIJI - What's not to love about a blog that posts pictures of Giant Trevally taken on top water plugs, and it is always warm???

And, finally,

I DON'T WEAR PINK CAMO IN THE WOODS - I really like the enthusiasm Kari shows as she blogs her way toward bigger and better deer taken with her bow. Now, however, I'm enjoying watching the blog morph into a fishing blog! After her first musky this year, it'll be all about fishing!

I've also experienced a resurgence in my desire to do more trout fishing. For me, that means fly fishing, but I couldn't care less how others pursue their trout. The interesting thing is that the newly kindled flames have been fanned by the blogs themselves. I USED TO fly fish for trout all over the country. When I moved to IL, with no local trout, that passion sort of faded into the background. But when I started reading the trout blogs, the desire returned, and now I'm making plans for an Idaho trip this year, with a couple other possible short diversions throughout the year. My TROUT BLOGS that I follow diligently are:






Finally, I really need to thank the "old-timers". That moniker sounds a little strange when you stop and think that it's only been a year and a half that I've been on-line and writing this blog, but they all feel like old friends. Kenny at KENNY's GREAT OUTDOORS, Mel at BLOG CABIN ANGLER, Lizzy at FROM THE FISHERBABE, and Owl at WANDERING OWL OUTSIDE have become more than just blogs to read - they've become friends.

It's strange how things evolve. Thanks for reading.



Anonymous said...

I see I didn't make your list :(

I invite you to browse by and take a look.

Have a great weekend.

Albert A Rasch said...


No worries, it is always good to keep your blog roll neat and organized!

The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles.
The Range Reviews: Tactical.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out Wolfy, but don't hold your breath on the whole "fishing blog" thing! Though I did find myself looking at lures again, and not buying turkey stuff .....!

Wolfy said...

Thanks for the feedback. Rick -I've posted a response on your site and added you to my Blog List . You DO write a great deer hunting site. I'd like to think that, if someone stumbles across my blog in "cyber-world", they would be happy clicking through to any of the blogs on my blogroll. I know they would with Whitetail Woods.

Albert - you offer a perspective unique among blogs I folow and will always be on my Blog Roll.

Kari - just wait!



Stacey Huston said...

Thanks for the add ! a great group of blogs to be included with..

Basspastor said...

Thanks for the mention. Though occasionally I do have gaps in my posts. Well at least I used too. In the past couple of years I've gotten much more consistant.

Clif said...

I'm glad to see Lunker Hunt made the cut, I take it as a compliment.

I respect your desire to keep the roll clean. I too only list blogs I enjoy, I try to avoid "swapping" links just for the sake of getting a link myself. If we have something interesting to say, we'll always make the cut.

Fish Whisperer said...

Thanks for the prop, I have always enjoyed reading your writings and tails.
Tight lines

troutrageous1 said...

Thanks for including Troutrageous in your post. Love being part of a tight-knit blogging community.

I do have to give props to Mel over at Blog Cabin...I think I was introduced to at least half of the blogs I love reading (yours included) from him!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Wolfy and I feel the same way!

The fly fishing bug is gonna hook me, too, I believe this year. It should be fairly embarassing.

Sorry I couldn't keep Beer and Campfires going on a regular basis, but I thought I was going to get more help from a friend of mine. I may include a few tasty brews with my camping experiences this year. Just because!

I hope you have a great fishing and blogging year!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention!

Great blog...I look forward to reading more. Plus I can't wait to see more is so fascinating!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Wolfy, it has been a pleasure reading your blog posts and getting to know you over the past year and a half. Your friendship is truly appreciated, and, I hope we can share many more stories and activities over the years.

Happy hook ups and good photo shoots in 2010.

Rebecca said...

Thank you for including me on your entry!
I see some blog I'm unfamiliar with and look forward to visiting them on your recommendation as well.

The trout miss you and I have no doubt they will give you a sweet welcome when you get to Idaho this year ~

Murphyfish said...

Hey Wolfy,
Firstly let me offer my most grovelling apologies for the tardiness of my comment, trying to play catch up with life after night shifts is certainly not my favourite occupation for the first couple of days until my head is removed from up my nether regions that is, and secondly thank you for the heads up and placing me along such illustrious company, I’m both honoured and humbled. There is tiny gripe though; now that you’ve given me such a glowing mention I’m going to have to increase my efforts thrice fold to live up to it!
As always your friend,

Wolfy said...

Thanks again to all who commented

Murphy - just raising the bar a little higher!!!