Monday, March 29, 2010

The pheasant revealed, and the panfish are biting

In my previous post, I challenged people to find the pheasant being pointed by the English Setter in the photo. When I took the picture, I didn't see the bird! Well, a few of you did see it, some did not, and a few weren't sure. Here you go:

The original photo

The hen pheasant was sitting tight on the other side of the tree! Click the photo for a better view

I made it back to the ponds over lunch again today, and the bluegills were fairly active, even though it is still pretty cold. Cubby jigs about 2 feet under a weighted bobber were the key. If there was wood in the water, there were usually panfish around it. The wood will absorb heat more quickly than the water and the panfish flock to dark wood early in the season. No real big ones today, but a good lunch. Totaled 8 'gils - all released.

I will be in Alabama on Thursday and Friday, trying to put my hands on some BIG bass. Last year, my son got one a little over 8#. It looks like we might hit it PERFECT this year. You'll get a full report over the weekend. My son is going back with me, but he has a handicap this year - he broke his arm on Friday. Luckily it was the left arm, so he can still cast and set hooks. We'll see how it goes. He'll undoubtedly catch a 12 pounder while I won't break 5!


The Fisherbabe said...

OOOOOhhhh...It is so on!! You are so gonna owe me a beer...LOL ;)

Hope you have a great trip!!!! Be safe and I will look forward to hearing that I won our little friendly bet!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, man! Poor kid!! But he'll feel a little better after he whoops your butt bass fishing.

Have a safe trip and I hope you guys tie into some good ones.

Rebecca said...

I can barely...barely spot the pheasant. They sure can blend in. Sorry to read about your son! I hope it's feeling better and I've fly fished with a broken arm, and another time, broken hand, so I promise, it can be done! Have fun~

Anonymous said...

I am pulling for you and your son, Wolfy. I am not ready for the Fisherbabe to get all the glory just yet!

Happy hookups!