Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, a Milestone, and a couple of resolutions

Happy New Year to all who manage to stumble over to this blog. I appreciate your company over here.

Like most of the people in the blog-sphere, I look back on the previous year when the New Year rolls around. This has been a whirlwind, different kind of year for me. I recently passed a personal milestone - 100 Followers to this blog. That stuns me. When I started this little writing project, I had no set goal or idea about people following me. Having 100 people sign up to follow Flowing Waters is truly humbling, and greatly appreciated. Especially when you consider that, for the past 3 months, I have failed miserably at keeping this little blog interesting, or even up to date. For that reason, I will try to make amends by holding some sort of a giveaway to mark the 100 Follower milestone. Watch for upcoming details.

Sure, I've had a lot less time to dedicate to the blog since the OBN started. And - I haven't really gotten a chance to do any fishing in that time, either. But if I'm going to maintain a blog, then I need to do it right. What a perfect segue into a Resolution!!

My first resolution is to fish more often. This will, by definition, lead to more fishing posts!! 2011 is shaping up to be a pretty good fishing year, at least as it looks at the moment. I will be doing a big pike / laker / grayling trip to Misaw Lake in Northern Saskatchewan in June, spring largemouth bass in Alabama, and smallmouth in Quebec in September. there is a good possibility that I'll get out to the Rockies a time or 2 for some fly fishing. So - good things are on the horizon.

Next, I want to continue meeting some of my blog buddies. Last year was a great one for me in that regard - I met Kari - I Don't Wear Pink Camo in the Woods - , Mike -Troutrageous - and Rebecca - the Outdooress. It would be pretty tough to top the quality of those three folks, but I think most of the bloggers I follow and interact with would be equally terrific.

I hope the OBN continues on its meteoric success path, even though I have no idea where I'll find the time to dedicate to it. Oh well - less sleep, I guess. If Owl Jones can live on no sleep, I can at least try it!

Finally, my interest in Tenkara fly fishing has been piqued this past year, and I might need to give it a try. Just what I need - something else to take up my time.

Most of all, I hope to continue reading and admiring the blogs and blog buddies I've found. All of you make me better through your writings and friendship.




Shoreman said...

Hey Joe. Happy New Year. You know that if you get out this way, maybe we can get together. I know we missed it last year when you were in Reno, but hey, it's a new year.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Wolfy, and here is wishing you many happy hook ups to come in 2011. Sounds like you have some exciting trips planned and some idea of what you would like to see happen in fishing world. Many thanks for your efforts with the OBN and I appreciate you being one of my Blog Buddies.

Bigerrfish said...

Happy new year sir!

Bill said...

Happy New Year Wolfy! Sounds like you have some interesting trips planned for the new year!

Chris S. said...

Happy New Year!

I don't know how I have overlooked this blog, nicely done.


Murphyfish said...

Hey there Joe,
If anyone deserves the followers it is your good self, your one of the earliest that I started 'talking' to upon on this blogger's road and you've proved to be a good friend indeed. Tight lines for the New Year my friend.

Cofisher said...

You're the Man, Wolfy. Have a great 2011!

Mollie said...

Happy New Year, Joe! As always, thank you for your generosity and the giggles. Perhaps this year we can get on the water together. M

Ryan said...

Right back at you... Happy New Year to you!

The Average Joe Fisherman

Kirk said...

I'm feeling guilty too! I took a few weeks off and put Cappy's Pond to the back burner a bit and spent some time with my son and the family. Don't want to lose all the followers I worked so hard to find!

Basspastor said...

Congratulations on 100 followers. I am going to be interested to see what happens with my follower numbers with my new blog look, now that I have the Gadget actually on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Wolfy!

Well thanks for the kind words about meeting up with me! I know for me it was quite a honor to meet up with you in 2010. I'm kind of hoping we can meet up again in 2011. This time maybe we can wet a line or two. Anything to help a fellow blogger keep their resolutions, ya know! ;-)

Congrats on reaching the 100 follower mark. It surely is a feel-good milestone. One I know that I'll personally never forget.

Here's wishing you continued success here and lots of fish in the new year.


Dennis said...

The tenkara thing has my interest as well Joe, and is on my 2011 you, I really don't need more fishing gear *my wife's ears just rang, LOL* but I've really wanted to get into fly fishing, the tenkara way seems kool,'s time :)

Here's to your 2011 bud!!


Stephanie and Dustin said...

Cheers to 2011, Wolfy. Thank you for bringing the OBN to all of us! I hope you make time to get in all that fishing. Nothing matches getting away and spending some time on the water. What is it about Tenkara? I really want to see what it is all about as well.

troutrageous1 said...

I swear I commented on this post...I guess not.

Congrats on hitting 100 followers, that's a milestone any way you slice it.

BTW - your interest in tenkara has piqued my interest. From making the blog rounds, 2011 seems as if it might be the year of tenkara.

Borneo Angler said...

Regards fro the anglers of Borneo!
Happy new year..more fish ahead!

Casey said...

Here's to the New Year, Wolfy! I hope all goes well in 2011 for you. And I do hope you are able to get in one more fishing trip - at the least - than you did last year.

And congrats on the followers! Nice milestone, for sure.

Take care -


Jon said...

Hey Wolfy, just came across your post here and it looks like a perfect entry into the New Year's resolution giveaway contest I'm running right now: Shoot me an email if you want to get in the contest!