Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Nerve Center of my blogging universe

Over at the OBN, a photo prompt went out to have the bloggers post some pictures of their computer areas. Do you have a great, inspirational view? A pigpen of a work area? What does that area look like where you unleash your creative talents??

I decided to take them up on the challenge. (Actually, my last couple of posts have been in response to OBN suggestions. Thank God Rebecca throws out these ideas, or my blog would be a barren wasteland over the winter)

This is my work station. What is the first thing you notice? I STILL use a desktop! Everyone else has pictures of them with their laptops. Not me. Even when I do something progressive - like use computer - I use the old-fashioned style. I have a laptop, but don't use it unless I have no other choice. I guess I'm just a computer curmudgeon.

Our computer "lives" in an armoire in the living room. This way I can be online blogging or doing OBN stuff, while my wife can be relaxing and watching TV, and we're both in the same room. It works well for us.

I have no view to speak of - just the neighbors house on the other side of the fence. My connection to the outdoors lies in the print shown below. It hangs above the computer . It is titled "Minipi Brookies - Labrador, Canada" and is done by a friend of mine, Harry Robertson. The print is signed, re-marqued, and is a limited edition of "Friends of the Artist". It shows 3 heavy brookies, with one rising to a swimming lemming. In my mind, I've have spent many hours in Labrador casting to those trout, even landing a few. It's one of my favorite prints.

"Minipi Brookies - Labrador, Canada" by Harry Robertson

Now you know where these wonderful words of wisdom are born. Pretty pedestrian, actually, but I like to call it HOME.


Anonymous said...

Now that's not what I expected at all! (part of the reason I love these type of prompts)

Troutdawg said...

Nice write up and great blog!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with a good desktop - you have to use whatever works for you. Enjoyed seeing your blog via the OBN (great photos!).

Cofisher said...

Just as I expected...neat, clean and well decorated. I just knew. You're not the only one who uses a desktop, I do as well. Pure class Joe.

Todd Wendorf said...

Great blog! I love it! Keep up the great work!

As part of a prompt to discover new blogs to follow, I’ve passed along an award to your blog if you’re interested.

Looking forward to following you!

Murphyfish said...

Hey Wolfy,
Along with Kari, that was unexpected - I somehow imagined something more... earthy I guess. Love the print of the trout.
All the best,

Wolfy said...

Kari / John,

Re: teh lack of "Earthiness" (very observant, btw!) - I give my wife total freedom in the "Room Decor" area, and she tolerates my existance. Its worked pretty well for both of us for the past 20 years. And - a guest room upstairs is done in full-bore fly fishing theme!