Monday, September 28, 2009

The little ones count, too

My quest to remove the 2009 Smallmouth Bass Skunk has come to its conclusion - I actually caught a few smallies on Sunday evening. 4, to be exact. I went down to the Fox River - only a couple of miles from my house - and started wading with a light action spinning rod and a couple of lures in my shirt pocket. Pretty basic assortment of lures - Rebel Teeny Craw, 1/16 oz. jigheads, 2" grub bodies. I started fishing with the craw - it usually is good for something on any shallow river.

Little smallmouth on a Rebel Wee Craw

The Fox, in my area, is relatively featureless. A noticeable riffle, or change in current, may be a series of rocks that goes from 2' deep to 1-1/2' deep. After a fruitless 1/2 hour, I got 2 hits in a "riffle" - hooked one and lost it on the jump, and missed the other hit. Both on the craw. Over the next hour, I landed my 4 smallies, the largest going a whopping 10"!!

Smallmouth on a little grub

Sometimes, the small fish are just as rewarding as the big ones. I look at the small fish, and see a healthy population, and possibly future big ones. They can't all be big!

A future river trophy??

It seems like all my posts have a "story within a story", and this one is no exception. This was a very short, unplanned trip, so I grabbed a rod/ reel from the garage and drove down to the river. Half way through my little excursion, I noticed the tip-top of the rod was not aligned with the rest of the guides. I immediately knew what I had done - grabbed a broken-tipped rod. Months ago, I had tried to glue the tip back on the rod (I had broken a tip earlier in the spring) but didn't really succeed. Now, after 3 small bass, the tip was spinning around the rod. I got one more fish before the tip came completely off on a cast. This really isn't a big deal, except when you stop to consider that, at last count, I have 52 spinning and/or baitcast rods in my rod racks in the garage - St. Croix, Loomis, Kistler, Fenwick, Falcon, ...

Why in the world I even had this broken-tipped rod at all is beyond me.

It was thrown out last nite, with the rest of the garbage.


Anonymous said...

Wolfy, congratulations on getting off the snide on your Smallmouth for the season. I will take a Smallmouth anytime on the end of my rod. Any size, any time!

52 different rods is way too many choices for me. I have (12)and wonder why I need that many.

Wolfy said...

Mel - it has NOTHING to do with need!! It's all about want. Rods / reels / lures are my addiction! I used to be REALLY bad with fly rods, but have sold off some of that collection in the past 10 years.


The Fisherbabe said...

Well guys...We will not get into my Lure collection and how large it is...I really only need one of those right cept you dont ever know which ONE you will I collect them all LOL!!!

I love these "smallies" Joe...I think they are very cute ;)

Congrats on your catch and I hope to get out to the Lake to catch me a bass tonight...the wind has FINALLY calmed down!


Fish Whisperer said...

Wolfy, you are right, size does not matter. At least I keep telling myself that.
I have so much fishing gear that I opened up a tackle shop so I could buy it cheaper.
Tight lines

Shoreman said...

Hey Wolfy. You know that the only Smallmouth I caught was the one little one in my original blog picture, but what a fighter. So I know that even though those were little and broke your jinx, they were fun.


wandering owl said...

Even the little ones a great fighters! Hope I can get out and catch some here in the next week or so.

LarryB said...

Nice to see another guy out there enjoying the pleasures of fishing in the current for Smallies with just a shirt pocket tackle box! It's a much more Intimate way to get real feelings from your fishing. It's like everything is amplified or whatever...

Small, floating Raps, your little Rebel Crawdad and a Tiny Torpedo (Heddon) along with a jig or three, a 1/8 oz, minnow colored single bladed spinner-bait and a 4 inch wacky Senko, about works anywhere I've ever fished these brown beauties. everyone here knows, beauty is not measured or valued by size...


LarryB said...

52 rods? Ooo La La, I thought I was well stocked with 14. :-) Nice story Wolfy, as always. Cheers! lb