Friday, September 25, 2009

National Hunting and Fishing Day

I should have made this post earlier in the week, but work has seriously overloaded me recently.

This Saturday - September 26 - is National Hunting and Fishing Day. It is a day to celebrate our love of the outdoors and all the associated goodness that comes from our passion. It is a great time to introduce a friend or neighbor to all that is the outdoors. In some areas, there are celebratory events. Near to me, at Silver Springs State Park in Yorkville, IL, is then largest NHAF Day event in Illinois. Tents filled with exhibits relating to hunting and fishing (and trapping) are on display for all to see and participate in. Rods and reels are available for kids to fish. Canoes, too. The trap range is open. It is a very well attended, very well run event. Even if you don't have a local event to participate in, be sure to pass along the good word.

Albert Rasch over at The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles (clck the link on the Bloglist on the right) posted a pdf that gave great examples of the impact of the American Outdoorsmen (and women) - with his permission, I've included that URL below:

Also, the National Hunting and Fishing Day website:

Celebrate being a Hunter and/ or Fisherman tomorrow! (Actually, we should celebrate that fact every day, with tomorrow being the Annual Holiday!)

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to catch a smallmouth bass. Of course, I haven't wet a line since posting that I WILL catch one, either. Makes the actual catching sort of tough when you don't fish. Maybe on NHAF Day???


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Shoreman said...

Hey Wolfy. That sounds like a really fun time at Silver Springs State Park. Too bad I don't live closer, it'd be a place I'd like to spend the day. If you go, have a good time for both of us.