Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Man on a Mission

Some missions in life take years to accomplish - some can never be accomplished in a lifetime. And others, like this one, are ridiculously simple and easy.

I just realized, after perusing some notes in my fishing diary from this year, that I have not caught a smallmouth bass this year. I haven't even tried (I DO realize that it's sort of tough to catch a fish that you haven't even tried to catch). I have NEVER gone a year without catching a smallmouth bass, and I can't let it happen this year. I don't care how small, it is now a matter of pride. I WILL get this done this Fall.

The smallmouth is a matter of personal pride for me. It's the fish I grew up catching, and the fish I used to Guide for in the mid 80's. I've fished for them from TN to Quebec. I have a local river that has smallmouth in it and I have not wet a line in the river this year. Shame on me.

So, now I've put it out there for all to see. I WILL get my smallmouth this year - I have to! I'll let you know when this event occurs. [Actually, there s a decent chance that I'll get to fish the Mississippi River in MN with my friend Gregg in October, and that is always a smallmouth bonanza. But it's not a 100% done deal that I'll be able to make it]

I'll keep you posted



Shoreman said...


Alan chan said...

all the best
hope to see it up soon

The Fisherbabe said...

Take lotsa Pictures!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those Smallies think they have one pulled over on you. Not a chance!

Fish Whisperer said...

Good luck and tight lines.

wandering owl said...

I'm with everyone else - can't wait to see some nice bronzebacks. Hope I can do the same in October. Looks like I'll get a couple of weeks off then.

Wolfy said...

Thanks for the encouraging words. I knew I'd get some, but they're hardly NICE BRONZEBACKS!!!

Maybe the Miss. River trip will materialize and I'll actually get some that are picture - worthy