Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Blog Days of November, and some random thoughts. (And - maybe - A GIVEAWAY!!!!)

They say the Dog-Days of August are the worst times - too hot to fish, fish don't bite, everything is just lethargic. These must be the Blog-Days of November. For some reason, I find myself in blogging funk. I just have no drive to post anything on my blogsite, and I'd rather have no new posts than worthless drivel. I was commiserating my dilemma with Lizzy at From the Fisherbabe and she was echoing the same feeling. Her impetus for a new post came today when she received her new Cabelas catalog; mine came through our conversation. Nothing in particular - just the overall feel of the conversation. I came home from work and decided that my blog needed a jumpstart, fishing experience to write about or not.

I've decided That I need some enthusiasm and interest in the site, and nothing generates interest or enthusiasm like A GIVEAWAY. I will be putting together at least 3 separate packages to be given away randomly between now and Christmas. There will be one BASS assortment, one TROUT assortment, and one PIKE assortment. I will be posting details and pictures of all of these over the weekend - stay tuned.

One thing Lizzy and I talked about is something I've just recently paid any attention to, in the way of recently posted additions to my blog list. I have, what seems to me, an inordinate amount of blogs written by women on my blog list. We both came to the same conclusion - the blogs I really like to read are the one's where people show real emotion and enthusiasm for the sport, and I believe women convey that better than a lot of men. So I'm not really searching out blogs by women - it just happens that I like what a lot of them are writing. Ladies - keep on writing great stuff! I hope I convey the same amount of enthusiasm that I read in all the blogs on my bloglist!
[by the way - this is certainly not a knock on any of the blogs written by men that many of us follow. If I follow it, I like the content, regardless of the gender of the author]

So - keep reading. I'll be unveiling the Christmas 2009 Giveaway this weekend. Good luck to all of you!



Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the contests. I will have to try my luck. I am excited about a lot of the new fishing blogs that I have came across. Gals and Guys keep up the good work, we all have something to share.

Murphyfish said...

Just to echo Mel’s comment and your own observations Wolfy, it does not matter about the gender of the fisher, hunter or writer as long as the passion and love of what you do comes across then it will always be worth sharing. (Anyway, Clare always seems to beat me on the scales when it comes to course fish!) Hope that your willing to ship one of those assortments to good old blighty here as I’ve got my eye on them?

The Fisherbabe said...

WOOOOOOOOO...YAY FREE STUFF!!! I have had my out for that perfect fishing ornament but haven't found it yet...LOL!!

I have just decided that we just have to excite up these blah days however we can...your giveaway should be just the trick...its so fun to get comments everyday!!!

Can't wait...and I will call you again very soon...sorry to have cut our convo short yesterday!!


Wolfy said...

Thanks for weighing in, folks. MURPHY - I have a handful of International followers, and I will gladly ship the prizes to them if they are the winners - don't want to alienate my loyal followers!

Keep watching for details on the prizes. Talk to you soon, Lizzie.


Wandering Owl said...

Perfect time for a giveaway, Wolfy! Maybe - with any luck - I can replace some of the things I've lost this summer!

Ashley said...

Hey Wolfy,
Thanks a lot for being a loyal follower and commenter of my blog!

Can't wait to see what you have for the contest!!!!
What a great idea.. maybe I will do one myself to spruce up the gloomy weather! :)

Fish Whisperer said...

Fortunately I fish all year but with that being said I find sometimes I have nothing to say, bloggers block? I am waiting with bait breath for the give away.
Tight lines

Rebecca said...

I had to leave Idaho, go to the Philippines, read some really bad poetry, but I'm back and finally here~
This is much better!
Giveaways are always fun and I hope to be doing a few on my blog as well. Nothing better than expecting something fun in the mail.
I know I seek out the writing that has a touch of emotion and interaction. A bit of humor and fun doesn't hurt either~
Glad I made it here...