Saturday, November 28, 2009

Good Karma, the GIVEAWAY winner, and a new BASS GIVEAWAY

OK - time to let you know who won the first of my giveaways - the flyfishing package. First , the specifics about determining the winner. I had 13 comments to my Giveaway offer, so I used the range of 1 - 13 at, and generated a number. If the number would have corresponded to one of the people who responded but declared that they don't fly fish anymore - Mel comes to mind - I would have done it again until I got a winner. I only need 1 try though, and the number generated was 10. (My wife was my witness, so no one can accuse me of manipulating the number!) The 10th comment was from a newcomer to my blog - Rebecca at The Outdooress. (To see Rebecca's site - the Outdooress - click through on my blog roll) The winning selection was PERFECT on one level - Rebecca had posted the GIVEAWAY on her site to let others know about it. Thank you to Rebecca, and her package will be sent out this week after we email and I get her address. BTW - I asked a little bit about what you like to fly fish for in the comment section. Part of that was to have something to read; part of it was because I planned to include a little bonus in the winner's package appropriate to what their likes are. Rebecca's is easy - she's a trout angler and relies on caddis and Princes. So - she'll have a little something extra in the package she receives.

Congratulations Rebecca, welcome to Flowing Waters, and thanks for the plug on your site!

Now it's time for part 2 of the 3 part giveaway. I think (expect) this one to have a few more comments than the first. The second part of the giveaway is a BASS PACKAGE. Since bass are more widely fished for then trout, and my blog deals with bass a whole lot more than trout, I think this will have more universal appeal than the fly fishing one. I will choose the winner next Saturday - December 5 - using the same methods as with the first one.

Rules will be similar - send in a comment to this post. Please include:
A) Are you a bass angler?
B) Favorite species - smallmouth, largemouth, spotted bass
C) your personal best / biggest bass.

Obviously, these lures can be used for anything, but they are geared toward bass. The package includes:

The Plastics part of the GIVEAWAY

Soft Baits, Accessories

MIZMO - 1 pk Flasher Tubes
STRIKE KING - 3 pks of Tubes. 1 pk each: Craws, Rage Toads, Ocho worms
CULPRIT - 2 pks. worms
LINDY - 1 pk Munchie Ringworms
YUM - 1 pk Floating Worms
OPTIMUM - 1- 2 pk. Baby line-Thru swimbaits
VMC - 1 pk. 1/16 oz. Bugeye hooks, 1 Tube Jig kit
MUSTAD - 1 pk. 4/0 Bigmouth tube hooks
BERKLEY - 1 pk. Powerbait Realstik 3" black shad
FALCON - 1 FTO 1105 Speedbag for worms





Hard Baits

STRIKE KING - 2 each 1/2 oz. spinnerbaits
BILL LEIS - 1 - 1/4 oz. Rattletrap
STORM - 1 each: Deep Jr. Thunderstik, Thin Fin, and Chug Bug
RAPALA - 1 each DTFSS-7 (Flat sided Dive-to 7' crankbait), Long Cast Minnow
SEBILE - 1 each 3-1/2", 1/3 oz. Magic Swimmer


RAPALA and STORM baits


26 pieces in this assortment, plus a bonus of my choosing to the winner!

Before we start the mad dash for Bass lures, I'd like to say Thank You to the newcomers to my blog, and as always , a sincere THANKS to the loyal long-time readers. You're all appreciated more than you know.




Buster said...

A) Yes, I am a bass angler
B) Favorite species: Definitely the Largemouth
C) 9.5 pound largemouth bass out of a local area pond. Wow! What a fight that was!

Clif said...

I'm in for another round. Tell your wife to do a better job manipulating the random number this time. :)

A) Yes and yes
2) All bass are equal in my eyes, but I catch more LMB than anything.
C) I don't think my best is my biggest. It was my first good (~4lb) bass on a fly rod.

Ashley said...

A) Definitely a bass angler!
B) I love all bass.. but I would have to say smallmouth are my favourite because I don't get to fish them as much and I just love the fight!
C) My biggest bass was around 4 pounds (a largemouth). I am still waiting on that lunker of a lifetime!!

Thanks for another chance at prizes!!

Fish Whisperer said...

A) Yes I was a small mouth bass angler. Now I fish for red sea bass.
B) I like them all.
C) With the sea bass I have caught them up to 10lbs. Small mouth up to 4lbs. It has been 14years since I fished for fresh water bass. I do miss it sometimes, but know I am after fish that stretch you out on 50lb line. BTW sea bass are poisonous so only catch and release.
Thanks for doing the giveaways.
Tight lines

Luvs2Fish said...

A) I am completely addicted to all things bassy, and often need a reminder that there are also other species out there,lol!
B) Definitely smallies....uhm..., wait...smallmouth. It's really hard to choose, both have attributes that make them stand alone.
There's nothing better than wrestling a big bucket out of a cane bed though.
C) 5.84 smallie during a Bassmania tournament on Georgian Bay. Like Cliff, it was not necessarily my biggest but it was most memorable. That fish sealed the deal and was kind enough to shoot my partner and I into first place in one of the first big bass tournaments on our home water in a long time. A beautiful fish, and an incredible day on the water!

Bass Wishes,
Laurie aka "Luvs2Fish"

P.S. Thanks to Ashley for telling me about this cool contest!

Murphyfish said...

Guess I’ll just have to chance my hand again Wolfy,

A) Yes I have and still intend to fish for bass, although I’ve missed out this year and the best time to snag one is just about over.
B) Have only fished for the common sea bass off the coast of Ynys Mon, so this is my favorite bass.
C) Best catch was a great fighter coming in at about 6lb
Usually bait used is peeler crab or sand eel cast along the back of the breakers but I seen them caught with lures trawled behind the boat. Pound for pound one of the best fighters around our coast and really nice eating too. I don’t keep any under 16 inches as they really mature up until this length, also only take what I’m going to eat that day the others go back to fight another day.

Fingers crossed,


Rebecca said...

I'm back from the holiday weekend and what a great welcome back for me!! I am, beyond excited. Thank You!!!

This feels like Santa came early. Good luck to the next winner of the bass stuff, whoever wins, I can tell you, it feels like catching a huge fish~

badbass72 said...

Nice idea of a great way to see the traffic and types of people that check out your website. Just found it through facebook which seems to be the way to help everything grow. Anyway yes I am pretending to be a bass angler. My bass of choice has to be the Largemouth as I find them more predictable and their average size is generally larger. So far my personal best is a 6 lb 3 oz largie at a friends hunt camp. A lot of fun and seemed like an even better fight considering it was out of a canoe on a backpacking quality rod.

The Fisherbabe said...

Another Awesome Contest...I will announce it for you over at "from the fisherbabe" tomorrow :)

Good Luck to all the bass anglers!!!

Lizzy aka The Fisherbabe

troutrageous1 said...

I'll try again...

A) Yes
B) In PA, Smallmouth. But when in FL visiting inlaws, Peacocks.
C) I don't measure/weigh so I really don't know. Would have to guess that the one FL Peacock went around 5 or 6 lbs.

HellaBass said...

A) Ofcourse, is there anything esle
B) smallmouth
C) 8.3lbs Largey - see here -

larryb said...

Wow Wolfy, what an amazing package you've put together here! Well, I grew up chasing Smallies but my largest bass was a 5.78 LMBass caught last summer on an old Mr Twister, Slimy Slug, texas rigged with no weight. :-)

I'm heading over to my blogs right now to get a link up to this awesome deal you've got goin' on over here! Oh ya, I'm gonna Twitter your URL in a few minutes as well. Thanx for running such a great contest.

Hope ya get tons of new followers dude.


Shoreman said...

Hey Joe. Since I don't fish Bass, I will again bow out so that the others have a better chance. I think what you're doing is great and look forward to the next one. Good luck to the winner and congratulations to Rebecca at The Outdooress.


Erich said...

A) Are you a bass angler? If they are biting if not I take what I can get.
B) Favorite species - Smallmouth, although I have yet to figure out where they are.
C) your personal best / biggest bass. I'm pretty new but I've had about a 2.5 pounder so far...


Dale said...

Yes I fish for Bass now and again

Largemouth is my bass of choice

8 pounds, really pretty big for my neck of the woods

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Que paso, Wolfy?

A) No, I'm not a bass angler. I angle my eyes at fried bass, though..right before I eat them!
B) Favorite species: You mean there are species? Shut. Up.!!!
C) Ummmmm. Yeah. I know you don't know me well, but I can't lie worth a flying fly,

But it was fun playing! I just figured as much as ThatManILove fishes, this would give me a good start on gear 'cause I'm gonna have to dive on in!

Y'all have fun playing this game. I'm gonna go take some pictures!

TackleBoxTalk said...

A) Yes, I love bass fishing
B) I enjoy the mighty fight of smallmouth, but tend to hook up more largemouth in my neck of the woods
C) relatively small for bass, 4 lbs, caught on a worm, fishing from shore.

Seems ironic all of the money and time spent fishing from my boat for bass and my "lunker" was caught from shore on a night crawler.

Anonymous said...

Glad I came by this morning, Wolfy! I think you've missed almost every Community Coffee giveaway I've offered, right? Anyway,
1)I catch bass but I'm not typically targeting bass in the brackish marshes
2)Those are always black bass/large mouth
3)I don't have a record best because they are usually bycatch!!!

Regardless, they are fun to catch. By the way, did you enjoy seeing those bass hanging alongside the reds and trout in last week's fishing report?

Great Contest!
Bayou Woman

Tar Baby said...

a) I live in south Louisiana not far from BayouWoman and have been privledged to catch many different species, fresh and saltwater, some over 100#. There's nothing quite like setting the hook on those green fish.(No smallmouths here!)Love the bass!
b) Largemouth, although we have a small population of spotted bass and I catch a few of those at times.
c) A couple of 7 1/2 pounders have hit the deck of my boat.

Ben Fishin' said...

What a cool deal. Keeping my fingers crossed that my number comes up.

I love fishing. I fish any time I am not working. Mostly for bass. Just started trying to fly fish (bought a rod at a garage sale). It isn't as easy as it looks in the movies.

My favorite fish to catch is largemouth.

My biggest to date is 6.2 pounds (caught this last Saturday on Carolina rig and brushhog). She was 20 inches and thin. Great day of fishing (but aren't they all).

Jon Belanger said...

A)100% Bass Angler
B)Smallie heaven where I live!
C)6lbs smallmouth

Wandering Owl said...

Hey Wolfy! Hope I'm not too late!

A) I've caught my fair share of bass.
B) Most definately my favorite is the smallmouth. And I'll wade for them thank you!
c) My personal best was a smallmouth I caught when I was a kid, I wanted to release it right away, so I laid it on my arm and made a mark. When I got home I measured the distance from my fingertip to the mark - 18 inches. It was a beauty! Cedar River at Cedar Falls, IA.