Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I must have offended the Weather-Gods

I bought a plane ticket about a month ago to fly to Arkansas and do some Fall trout fishing. I should be there right now, enjoying the Ozarks and trying to set the hook on a few trout - maybe a trophy trout.

But I'm not in Arkansas. I'm in Illinois. And there are NO tailwater trout nearby.

Foiled again.

If you remember back about 2 weeks ago, there was a tremendous amount of rain from Texas to Illinois, with the system moving slowly to the East, taking the moisture with it. I watched the news over one of the weekends and saw cars completely submerged in Little Rock, ARK due to the flash flooding.

Uh-oh - that's where I was flying into to fish! No problem, I thought - 2 weeks will flush out the rivers and they'll be perfect when I get there.

Wrong again.

The dams have been releasing water almost around the clock. The conditions you hope for when fishing these tailwaters is for a long period of NO dam release, so you can get out and wade the shoals. Well, that's not going to happen for this fisherman in 09. I'll start making plans to try again in 2010.

But - all is not lost. I was talking to a friend at the trade show I worked last week, and he was GUSHING about how great Falcon Reservoir has been lately. This is a guy who fishes all over the South, and has caught a lot of big bass. So, I'm trying to set up a short trip to the Mexico border to sample Falcon. I'll keep you posted.


Fish Whisperer said...

I hate when my plans get spoiled by mother nature. We can only try, try and try again.
Tight lines and dry weather

Casey said...

You aren't the only one having weather troubles. It's too nice to see the big flights of ducks to come! Oh, well. We try to make the best of it.

Good luck on your next try, though. That sounds like it could be some fun.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your trip got "Rained Out." Sounds like you are already on to planning another exciting trip. Good luck on the lake!

murphyfish said...

Wolfy, it appears that whatever weather systems you have over the pond they seem sure to infiltrate this side after a few weeks. The weather gods seem to have lost their humour over here with a really wet autumn now settling in, so much for crisp, frost kissed mornings! Trying to make contingency plans is not always easy, especially with this time of year’s inconstant weather patterns; ah well back to the garage for me.

Lizzy said...

My mom lives down that way and she said...yes...its bad down here...LOL.

I thought of your trip when she told me of the weather and was praying it wouldn't affect you...guess the weather gods didnt hear me either :(

Sorry friend...maybe next time :)

That Janie Girl said...

Wolfy, thanks for dropping by my blog! Both my husband and I love fishing and hunting and we'll definitely be following your blog!

Where were you going to go in Arkansas? That's relatively close to West Texas (if you're flying) and I'd like to plan a trip when conditions are better.