Friday, August 13, 2010

An Actual Accomplishment!

One of my goals for this year, as I have stated numerous times during these posts, is to meet and/or fish with some of the folks I've come to know through these blogs. Well, I finally got to meet one of you. Troutrageous and I met for beers and a bite to eat on Wednesday nite.

(I know most of you are familiar with his blog, but if you are not, click on through my Blog List)

When you meet someone in person for the first time, you're not really sure what to expect. You think you "know" the person because you read their writings, but meeting in person is different.

This meeting did not disappoint (at least it didn't disappoint me!!) It is so nice to spend time with someone as passionate as you are about fishing, exchanging stories, and sharing a great evening. His choice of meeting place - the Sly Fox pub - was perfect.

Thanks, Trout - I look forward to our next meeting! Not sure if I'll catch the Tenkara bug or not, but you have at least piqued my interest.


Lizzy said...

I am so jealous...still waiting on that trip you are taking to Nebraska...LOL :)

Wolfy said...

It's on the "short list", Lizzy!