Friday, August 6, 2010

This is why you ALWAYS fish when the opportunity presents itself!

I took a vacation day today. No real plans - just relax and do whatever we feel like doing. My wife and I went to our local coffee shop, ran some chores, ... Around 3:30, she was watching something on TV, so I walked over to the ponds in our subdivision. The water was high but just the right clarity, so I decided to go over and make a few casts.

These ponds are not the ones I write about and fish on over lunch. These ponds are right across the street from my house. In the 7 years I've lived here, they have gone from being occasionally good, to great, to mediocre, to absolutely sucking. Not really sure why. I fished them ONCE in 2009 (not even a hit) and not at all this year. Talking to the other guys in the neighborhood who fish, the word is that the pond on our side - the east side - stinks, and the west pond is OK.

Before I go on, a little background. Over the past 2 weeks, we've had in excess of 9" of rain here, and have been under flood advisories for most of that time. We had a HUGE surge of water pour into the ponds last week. The tiny creek that feeds the ponds - a rivulet, really - was up 5' and breached the roads. It is still flowing fast, but the water is pretty clear. so I gave it a try. On the way out the door, my wife asked why I was going - isn't it usually bad in the middle of the afternoon? My son wouldn't go either.

You can see my vast assortment of lures I l took along in my pockets - 1 trick worm, 2 swim jigs, a bag of trailers, a bag of Yum Dingers, and 1 spinnerbait. Fished the worm and spnnnerbait for 15 minutes as I worked toward the inlet - nothing. But, on the last cast with the spinnerbait, I made an inadvertent cast into the junk at the inlet and, as I was ripping it across the vegetation - BOOM - a blowup!. Hmmmmm...

I put on a 1/4 oz. swim jig and a Strike King trailer, and immediately got into fish. they were tight to the trash, on current breaks. To make a long story short, in the next 25 minutes I landed 8 largemouth, had 3 shake off, and missed about 5-6 hits. All were decent fish, with 1 being a REALLY nice bass.

And - THAT is why you always go when the opportunity presents itself. You just never know what will happen!

My Tackle pack

The inflow at the East Pond

1st bass

2nd Bass

3rd Bass

4th Bass

Best Bass - sorry fo the goofy picture - I had to do a self-timed and the grass is high!

These current breaks are where the fish were holding. Click on the picture to see it in better detail


Shoreman said...

Those are some nice Bass for such a small pond. Bet you'll be over there again, soon.


troutrageous1 said...

Uhh...I think I gotta move to your neighborhood. Any "For Sale" signs?

Anonymous said...

Well done, Wolfy! Those Bass in that pond just found something they shouldn't mess with. You!

Murphyfish said...

Well if troutrageous has first dibs on moving there then I want second!! Great post and I got to say that the 'goofy' pic is what fishing is about;- the smiles, inward and outward, that it brings,
Tight lines my friend,

Brk Trt said...

Those are healthy looking fish there. I sure that pond will be on your list.

Casey said...

Right on Wolfy! Kind of fits in with your wildlife close to home post. Them are some sweet fish!

Anonymous said...

Very nice catches indeed! (and personally, the goofy pic says nothin' to me but, "happy fisherman!")

MNAngler said...

Great pics, Wolfy. And great info. Especially that last one with where the bass were holding. I don't know that I would have cast into those areas.

Since any houses for sale are now claimed, I'll have to settle for looking for a few ponds around here.

Wolfy said...

Glad that last shot could help, MN Angler. If you missed those spots by as little as 2 feet - NOTHING. But get tight into the spot - a hit every time.

Dennis said...

Nice...and that pic is priceless, like you popped up with yet another Bass :)....Nice Job Wolfy, I love the fact that you go into such detail when it comes to conditions, gear, etc (thumbs up)