Sunday, August 8, 2010

And then - PPOOOFFF - they were gone

I went out for the third day in a row on my subdivision pond. The water coming in has now been reduced to a normal trickle. I went out with my son at 1:00 pm today. Overcast, a light drizzle - perfect. Instead of the usual bass gear, I took an ultralight spin rod and a few grubs, Cubby jigs, and 1 UL spinnerbait. i wanted to see if I could get any of the ponds (sometimes) big bluegills to bite.

Well, they didn't.

So I worked my way toward the inflow. over a span of 20 minutes, I caught 5 largemouth on the Cubby, and 1 on the spinnerbait.

The largest was 10" long.

The bass have moved back to their summer haunts. the good news for the trip - the fish in the picture below. At least they are spawning successfully!

A hungry baby bass


Shoreman said...

Maybe the next rainstorm you get will help things along.


The Hunter's Wife said...

I love catching those lil ones. lol

Murphyfish said...

Always good to see sign of fry and small fish, means that they'll be big uns in the future. Great to see you enjoying to fishing.

Dennis said...

LOL...ya gotta love the spunk of them little ones, they really put their whole being into the hit when they slam something...and it's a great sign for the future as well.