Wednesday, August 4, 2010

MY Urban Jungle

A recent remark by Yours Truly, in a comment to a Musings of Murphyfish post, led John (the talented writer of M. of M.) to write his most recent musing. The subject matter is the abundance of wildlife in urban settings. [NOTE - this is not a synopsis of John's post. If you haven't done so, simply click on his blog through my Blog List and read his works.] It all started when I mentioned that I believe there is a lot of overlooked "stuff" in our own backyards and vicinities. For me, it literally IS in my own backyard.

Interestingly enough, I have a few components of the "Anti-Ecosystem" in my yard. The grass is mowed all spring, summer, and fall, the weeds are killed, and the edges are tight - all compliments of my wife, I'm quick to add. In many cases, this style of lawn maintenance leaves nowhere for the critters. But, we have a LOT of things living in our yard. Partially because we plant appropriately for the fauna. We have extensive perennial gardens, and many of the plants are there specifically to attract wildlife. We also feed the birds throughout the year.

The following pictures are all from the back yard. I have some other pictures I was unable to find this evening - pheasants in the snow, and praying mantis, to name a few. Still, we have some good "stuff" in the yard, and I'm always trying to capture it on film. I have yet to get a good shot of the sole hummingbird who appears briefly each summer, but I'll get him eventually.

What is really sort of amazing, when you sit back and think about it, is that we live in the absolute WORST type of development to attract nature - essentially a recently developed cornfield. There are no substantial trees because the oldest house in the development is 12 years old. Consequently, there is little shade for diversity among the flowers planted. And we're surrounded by other developments that were very recently cornfields, so there is no plethora of wildlife waiting to come into our yard from the adjacent property.

Still, we do what we can, and we have fun watching the stuff in the yard. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

NEWS FLASH - I will actually be FISHING in the coming weeks - once next week in PA, and the following week out west. I will take so many pictures my camera explodes! So, this may be the end of the "I wish these were fish pictures, but the best thing I have right now is my Yard" posts.

A moth on the siding

Hummingbird Moth



A single morning's haul of toads from the window wells. My wife checks for, and rescues, the toads in window wells every day.

A baby rabbit

Hawk on the chair. We feed a lot of birds, and that in turn feeds a bunch of hawks!


Mallards in the snow


Male Cardinal in the snow


Brk Trt said...

Nice photos.

Theres a lot to see if we just looked.


Murphyfish said...

Afternoon Wolfy,
Considering your location within a relatively recent development you've certainly managed to attract a plethora of wildlife to your garden my good man. You seem to have the full food chain right up to the hawks. I've had fleeting visits from Sparrow Hawks upon occasion to my tiny back yard but haven't managed a photo YET. As the development gardens further mature it will interesting to see what further wildlife pays you a visit. Great post my friend now go and get them fish photos ;-).
Best regards,

Shoreman said...

Hey Joe. Seems to me that there's no shortage of wildlife in your yard even though you live in suburbia. Good luck on you upcoming fishing trips.


Anonymous said...

What some great shots. I'm particularly fond of the hummingbird moth. Very beautiful colors!

Casey said...

Do like I don't - bring plenty of batteries for your camera...

Great pics Wolfy. And good luck on your trips!

The Average Joe Fisherman said...

Nice pitures. Love the one of the frongs. I love frogs and would rescue them too!

Good luck fishing.