Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back to what I do best - fishing on the ponds.

My wife suggested that we go out to the ponds this afternoon. Never one to disappoint her (at least when she suggests we go fishing), I started putting gear in the car. I told our son he could invite one of his friends, so soon we were en route to pick up Josh. I don't think Josh had ever been fishing before - at least not ion a long time. We got to the ponds around 3:45 PM.

I'm always eager to go fishing, but when I take kids along, I REALLY want it to be good - to keep their interest up. I really wasn't very sure about this trip - I had done pretty well on Friday afternoon, but last nite there was a freeze warning, so the water was still cool. In the next couple of weeks, the fish will absolutely turn on to a frenzy, but you never know about the early season. Still, it was a nice afternoon, so we gave it a try.

The kids catchin bluegills at the pond

Joey with a 'gill

One of Josh's bluegills

We fished the upper pond first. It is shallower and holds largemouth bass and bluegills - lots of gills. While the kids ate their Subway sandwiches, I tried to put the fish on a pattern. I found a pretty good concentration about 2' down over 4' of water. they started getting hits right out of the gate. Josh had a few initial hiccups learning to cast and retrieve the spinning gear, but soon he was going just fine. I spent the time unhooking fish and taking pictures. We decided to try the lower pond around 5:30. But first, I decided to try a small spinnerbait along the exposed rock on the dam shoreline. I hadn't caught a bass in this pond all Spring, but it has a LOT of bass in it. I made a total of maybe a dozen casts, hooked 4 bass, and landed 2. the spinnerbait had to be slowly rolled in front of the rocks to get their interest. Like I said - 2 weeks from now it will be buzzbaits and bigger spinnerbaits burned along the weds, but for now, they're moving toward the shallows and wanted something a little slower.

My first decent bass from the ponds in 2010

Another nice pond bass

The lower pond can be hit or miss. It holds more species of fish - bass, crappie, channel cats, walleye, bluegill, rainbow trout. The walleye and crappie are more active in the cooler water, especially in the evening, so I figured we might catch a few of them. I was right. We caught a bunch of bluegills. In 1 small area, we got about 10 crappies. Walleye were caught as the sun dropped. We got a few smaller bass, and lost one good one. Finally, I threw a spinner and hooked 3 trout, landing 2. Josh got a trout on a small grub to end the evenings fishing adventure.

Joey with pond walleye

A decent pond walleye (they don't get very big here)

Josh's trout

Highlights of the evening included: my son sliding down the bank, into the pond (with his arm in a cast). It was shallow, but he got soaked from the knees down, and spent the rest of the evening barefoot. Catching my first nice bas of the year from the ponds. And, best of all, were the words Josh uttered at the end of the evening - "This is even better than video games!"

I love taking kids fishing!


Bill said...

Sounds like you all had a great day and yes, it IS better than video games!

Anonymous said...

Wolfy, you are certainly the family and neighborhood hero after this trip. Great that you are dedicated to helping the youngsters fish and have outdoor fun. Btw, I am envious of your catch of Bass. Those look pretty good to these ol' Eagle Eyes of mine.

Wolfy said...

Bill - thanks for the comment - always appreciated

Mel - These bass are prety nice, but the coming weeks should produce a LOT of nice 3-4 pound bass from these ponds - sometimes one a little bigger than that! Keep reading for more updates

Fish Whisperer said...

Fishing is and always will be better than video games. You have planted a fishing seed and with a little help you will have created a mad angler in the years to come.
Well done
Tight lines

Shoreman said...

Way to go, Joe. Great afternoon with the kids. Does the wife fish?


Wolfy said...

Mark - she fishes occasionally in the Spring, when:

it's not too hot or cold

it's not too windy

there are few to no bugs

the fish are biting

So, for those 2 or 3 evenings a year, she enjoys it. Otherwise, she'd rather do a crossword puzzle

Ashley Rae said...

Haha definitely better than video games! Sounds like you have a great fishin' hole over there!!

Anonymous said...

You did catch some nice fish, buddy! But I'm loving the smiles on Josh's face. You are the man!

troutrageous1 said...

Fantastic post. Great to see you getting the kids out with you. Even better - they caught fish and had fun. Good job!

Esox Fever said...

What a great variety of fish you got.

sure you will hook the kids on fishing if they have a couple of days like that.

Murphyfish said...

Hey Wolfy,
Great post - fishing n smiles - what more is there?
All the best

The Hunter's Wife said...

Looks like it was a very nice day to head out fishing. Congrats on all the nice catches.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wolfy,
I'm jealous!!! I wish I was out fishing today.

I LOVE video games too! ...but I have to agree with is definitely a LOT more fun!

Dennis said...

Ya know Wolfy you're a good man...I loved reading this. Taking your son's friend, and taking the time to make sure he had a great time is special stuff, my hat's off to you.

Killer Bass as well (thumbs up :)

Mark said...

Great blog! I think it's awesome that you're taking them out fishing. My dad would take me and put up with a couple of my friends at the lake when I was little. I think he spent more time taking panfish off the hook and re-tying tackle for us than actually fishing himself.

Those are the best memories I have of my childhood with my dad, sounds like you just made a bunch with your son. :)

Looking forward to more!