Sunday, April 4, 2010

Friday in Alabama - a different lake, and still more bass.

I think that when you see an egret in a tree in the fog, it's a sign of good fishing to come!

On Friday we tried to continue the success we enjoyed on Thursday, but headed out to a different lake. This one was a touch smaller than the lake on Thursday, and had not been fished at all in 2010 to this point. This is also the lake that I had previously caught my biggest largemouth ever in 2006. This particular piece of water is also full of big brim - which I love - and we had our ultralight spinning gear along in case we found some of them.

Foggy morning on Lake #2

There was a pretty dense fog as we drove along some deeply rutted dirt roads to get to the launch. The road would have been completely impassable if it was muddy. When we finally got to small launch, I could see multiple places where shad were being pushed into the banks by the bass and were being attacked. This shad pattern held all morning. Early in the morning, when we started, it was a bank pattern. As the sun rose and the fog burned off, the shad moved offshore and the bass followed them. We would take the boat out to the center of the lake and let the wind push us a cross the open water, casting at boils when we saw them, and just covering water when there was no surface action. But the bass were there, and we caught a lot of them. Lucky Craft crankbaits (Fat CB's) and LVR's ruled the day on Friday. Joey and I didn't count the fish on Friday morning, but I'd estimate we landed about 60 bass. We also found some brim. They were nice sized, but the really big ones eluded us. We primarily used Roadrunner Turbo Tails for the brim on the ultralights. the really fun part is, if we caught 15 brim, we got about 10 bass on the UL gear while fishing for the brim. Nothing over 3 pounds, but on UL spinning gear, it was all we could handle. And, the neatest occurrence of the day happened while we were catching brim. I had a typical brim on - 9" - 10" - and , as it got to the surface, I saw a HUGE bass chasing it. It never caught the brim, but gave a few quick lunges. This bass had to be in the 10-12 pound range - it was HUGE. We cast in the general area for a while, but never saw it again.

A typical sized brim from Friday

Joey with a nice bass from Friday

A bass caught on a crankbait on Friday. Crankbaits were the key on this day.

Another Friday bass for Joey

The size of the fish on this lake was very good, but not as big as the bass from the day before. With one exception. I hooked and landed a giant largemouth about a half hour into the morning. I'd put it in the same league as my biggest fish the day before. Again - no scale, so size is an estimate. 8#? 10#? 11#? Don't know . Just know it was very big. And I'm glad I caught it.

My big bass from Friday

We had to get washed up and leave for our return flight right after noon. I could have stayed there for a month, but am grateful for any time I get to spend on this property. We landed somewhere in the neighborhood of 180 largemouth in a day and a half, and some of them were truly trophy class fish. Now it's back to reality in Illinois. Our ponds will really heat up in the next 3 weeks. I'll get out to the ponds over lunch and after work, and I have plans to take some of Joeys friends out with us. Probably a newcomer or two from work as well. there should be no shortage of fishing adventures to write about in the coming months. Come along for the ride!

How do you determine if a bass trip has been a good one? A bad case of BASS THUMB!!!


Shoreman said...

Bass thumb, OUCH. Good day of fishing.


Clif said...

That biggun sure is getting googly eyed. Nice work.

I love bass thumb because of what it stands for. I find it comes in two phases. They look the same, but phase two actually hurts. I bet you had a bad case of phase two.

I can't wait for things to pick up around here.

Wolfy said...

Clif - I have one word for you re: the pain of Bass thumb - NEOSPORIN!!

Captain Mark said...

That is a nice bass you caught there!
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I look forward to keeping up with yours! Also, impressive list of states where you've fished!

Ashley Rae said...

I can't wait to have bass thumb soon!!!!!!!!

The Hunter's Wife said...

Ouch!!! And this is why I don't touch fish. Nice day of fishing though.

Murphyfish said...

Hey Wolfy,
Great picuture of the thumb, only joking at least it means you caught. Looks like you had a great time, looking forward to some more of the same from you my good man.
Best regards,

Fish Whisperer said...

Well done. Great looking bass and so many in two days, it is what dreams are made of.
Tight lines

Anonymous said...

LOL on the bass thumb...OUCH! Thumbs up for the battle wounds. I can relate! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Tovar Cerulli said...

Thanks for the harbinger of things to come. Looking forward to getting out on the water soon!

Anonymous said...

You might have to run your rods in a Magnaflux to check for any stress fractures! That sure is A LOT of BIG fish. Congrats!

troutrageous1 said...

Just catching up on your Alabama posts now - looks like you guys are having a blast. And hey, at least you're giving thumbs "up" instead of "down."

Wolfy said...

thanks for weighing in, folks. We hit it PERFECTLY - weather, water conditions, and fish that were willing to bite. It's certainly not always like this, but when it is, it is a good feeling.

T. Brook Smith said...

Gotta love the thumb! Great trip!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wolfy...

Great post and catches! This one appears to be thinner to me...but it does appear that you can put your whole fist in the mouth. That's a BIG Bass! I'd have to say 7-8 lbs.

Great job!