Sunday, April 11, 2010

I actually caught a few fish, and doing something that really DOES matter.

I made it out to the ponds this evening. Yesterday was beautiful and windy, with highs reaching the lower 70's. today was cooler and windy - low 60's I figured the ponds had a chance to heat up since my skunking on Friday, and I was after revenge. I started off on the upper pond, and immediately got into smallish bluegills on 2" grubs. Even though they weren't very big, they meant that the skunk would stay away. Any fish is good fish.

Even the little bluegills are good ones!

We went to the lower pond, and I figured the crappie and walleye might be receptive to the grub. I was half right. I got 5 small walleye, but never saw a crappie. Rounded out the evening with a coupe of gills from the lower pond, and 2 VERY small bass. The sunset was especially nice this evening, too.


As you read in the blog post title, I AM trying to do something that actually matters to someone other than myself. I recently got a box of baits in the mail from a friend. Details aren't important. They were primarily Lucky Craft's. Now, I love fishing LC's, but I already have a lot of them. then, a phone conversation on Friday made up my mind for me.

I was talking to Mollie Simpkins on Friday. She is a friend from the D.C. area, and she was telling me about her commitment to participate in, and raise money for, her 4th consecutive 3-Day walk for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Her personal fundraising goal is a mind-boggling (to me) $30,000!!! Feel free to see her story on the following link: So, while I donate to her cause personally, I decided to do something else - I am running 5 auctions this week on eBay. ALL the proceeds from these auctions will be donated to support Mollie's efforts.

4 of these auctions are for bass / walleye lures, and the 5th is for saltwater big game lures. So I am going to ask all of you reading this for a favor - if you know anyone who may be interested, have them use the following link to view the first eBay auction. Anyone viewing the auction can click on the link that shows Seller's Other Auctions to see the others that are running. I'll post the results on here, and anyone who wants to can see the donation after it has been sent to Mollie can see it on her page.

It's only a small gesture, but together all the small gestures can make a difference in this world.

Thanks for your help


LarryB said...

Nice to start the season off with a bunch of fish eh Wolfy. I'll be try this week if the weather warms up a little. Nice post here and you are making a difference. :-) lb

Dennis said...

I'm going to tweet this a few times...hopefully you'll get some more traffic to help such a great cause.

Wolfy said...

Thanks Dennis - I don't tweet (yet) so your help is appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Wolfy- I also sent this across the twitter universe (at least my little corner of it) and I also have a big ol' fish purse to fill up, so I started the bidding on one set!

Nice post and good job!

Murphyfish said...

Hi Wolfy,
See, I just knew that you could catch fish my good Curmudgeon friend, I’ll be checking out your auction later this week, it’s a great and positive thing that your doing.

Anonymous said...

You're a good man, Joe. And congrats on the fish - you still have the touch!

Bill said...

Always good to get the 'skunk monkey' off your back. (I made that up just now btw.) That's a great gesture on your part. The world needs more people like yourself.

Wolfy said...

I LIKE the "skunk monkey", Bill! Great phrase!

troutrageous1 said...

Good fish - Good cause.
Thanks for a really good post today.
I'm gonna do my best to win some lures.

Anonymous said...

Great commitment on your part, Wolfy, and for an excellent cause. I am going to visit e-bay and see if I can stir up the bidding some. I don't own a Lucky Craft lure. I wonder how that happened? Here is my chance!

Also, your making me a little antsy to get out after some Idaho Bluegill.